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Improvements, Changes, and Fixes

This following table lists the improvements, changes and bug-fixes introduced in Zoho Creator.

Jan-11, 2019
  • Record templates were not being duplicated upon form duplication
  • Changing map report's Based on field is not working as expected. Refer to step six in this page.
  • Issue in accessing map reports from Firefox 64.0
  • Temporary loss of access to App Dashboard
Jan-9, 2019Open URL tasks are not being executed in the On Delete workflow blocks of forms.Fix
Jan-8, 2019The combination of emboldening, italicizing, and underlining content in record templates is not being rendered as expected.Fix
Jan-2, 2019Grouping of records based on drop down field isn’t appearing as expected in the exported PDF file.Fix
Dec-24, 2018In pages, stacked charts are not appearing as expected.Fix
Dec-22, 2018You can now make use predefined templates to create record templates / print templates.Improvement
Dec-22, 2018To prevent misconfigurations in pivot tables and pivot charts, you won't be allowed to do the following to the fields participating in these reports:
  • Change the value of their field type property
  • Change the expression of formula fields such that it changes their data type
Fix / Change
Dec-19, 2018Issue in exporting report as PDF when it displays a lookup field that has name, address, or phone fields set as its display fields.Fix
Dec-13, 2018With regard to Zoho CRM retiring support for their v1.0 APIs, our Deluge integration tasks now support their v2 API. Refer to Zoho CRM tasksImprovement / Change
Dec-10, 2018
  • Issue is searching a report using the Added User field
  • Issue in accessing the URL of file from the record template attached in email notifications
Dec-6, 2018
  • While customizing a non-tabular layout of list report’s quick view, you can define the layout's size. Learn more
  • When you access a detail view, you can sort the records in the related blocks.
Dec-5, 2018Issue in uploading files from Dropbox.Fix
Dec-3, 2018
  • When building forms, fields that have their Show field to property set as Admin Only will be denoted by an icon in the builder:
  • We have introduced a new template that you can use while configuring email notifications:
    • It’s named Template 2. It enables a better presentation of subform data.
    • The existing template has been named Template 1
    • Template 2 will be applied when you check the Include user submitted data checkbox
Dec-1, 2018When accessing from mobile: Unable to edit records in reports that use a Deluge system variable in their criteria/filter.Fix
Nov-29, 2018When alignment is not specified, exporting page as a PDF will left-align its contents. It was being centre-aligned.Fix
Nov-27, 2018Version 5.5.0 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for Android is now available. Improvement
Nov-23, 2018Upon deletion of payment workflow, existing payment details are not being displayed in reports.Fix
Nov-21, 2018Issues in execution of custom action items from mobile apps.Fix
Nov-16, 2018You can now have the Integration field display data from multiple fields. Learn moreImprovement
Nov-16, 2018

For accounts using Zoho Creator 5:

  • Upon creating an app by importing a DS file or duplicating an existing app, the schedules in the new app will be disabled. You will have to enable them if required.
  • While defining workflows, fields will hereafter be listed in the sequence in which they are displayed in the form.

For accounts that are not using Zoho Creator 5 or New UI

  • Upon printing or exporting a record, emboldened content is not appearing as expected.
  • Unable to save Deluge script when send mail task contains multiple To addresses.
Nov-14, 2018
  • You can now delete parameters in pages that don’t contain ZML or HTML snippets.
  • For accounts that are not using Zoho Creator 5 or New UI: Issue in grouping and sorting records based on drop down and radio fields.
Nov-13, 2018With regard to rebranding mobile apps:
  • We have revamped the UI of the code signing process.
  • You can now set an image of your choice as your apps' icon. The image must be a PNG file of size 1024x1024.
Nov-13, 2018Hereafter when you go about verifying an email address, the email containing the verification code will be from So far that email was being sent from
Nov-11, 2018Panel's code editor now supports:
  • Code folding: Hereafter you'll be able to fold the <panel>, <pr>, and <pc> tags in panels. Hover your mouse over the column showing line numbers and lines containing foldable ZML tags will be identified with the inverted triangle icon, as shown below.
  • Highlighting tags: Upon clicking on the opening of a tag the corresponding closing tag will also be highlighted, and vice versa.

Nov-3, 2018The ZML Snippet’s editor now supports ‘code folding’: Hereafter you’ll be able to fold the Deluge code in ZML Snippets.

Hover your mouse over the column showing line numbers and lines containing foldable Deluge code will be identified with the inverted triangle icon. Upon clicking it the corresponding Deluge code will be hid and replaced as follows:

Nov-1, 2018Issue with panel actions: Pivot reports do not load when they are opened in a pop-up windowFix
Nov-1, 2018For accounts that are not using Zoho Creator 5 or New UI: When you access from a web browser, you will now see an improved interface while uploading a file from Google Drive to the file upload field in your form.Improvement
Oct-30, 2018Hereafter when you add an HTML snippet to your page, it will contain <%{%> <%}%>. So far it was ​{%> <%}, which let you type Deluge code right away. This change will let you get started with typing HTML code.Improvement
Oct-26, 2018We have modified the restriction on using the Send Mail Task. Refer to the note in this page.Fix / Change
Oct-25, 2018Issue in filtering lookup fields when user accesses it from a mobile device: Lookup field's filter is not being applied when a name, address, or phone field is part of the its display fields.Fix
Oct-24, 2018We have upgraded our framework involved in exporting/printing records and reports as PDF. This upgrade is part of us retiring support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 by October-31, 2018 (as mentioned here).Improvement / Change
Oct-24, 2018Issue in redirection (to the source form) after payment when payment is initiated from the published form or from customer portalFix
Oct-23, 2018Upon exporting a report as PDF, there’s a mismatch in the order of columns between the report and its PDFFix
Oct-20, 2018For EU and CN accounts: We have upgraded our security framework that processes HTML content in your apps. Learn moreImprovement / Change
Oct-19, 2018For accounts using Zoho Creator 5: Developers can now take backups of appsImprovement
Oct-16, 2018Fix
Oct-13, 2018With regard to filtering a report using a page parameter:
  • There may be instances wherein the page parameter that’s filtering the report is not assigned any value. It may also be that the parameter is not present as a query string in the page’s URL. In such cases, the parameter-based filter was so far being ignored.
  • Hereafter in such cases, the field with which the parameter was used in filtering the report will be acted upon by the IS EMPTY operator.
Fix / Change
Oct-12, 2018Change in address field’s behavior:
  • So far, when the address field was not mandatory on a form and a user entered inputs in a few of the displayed sub-fields, form submission failed till the user entered inputs in all the displayed sub-fields (except Address Line 2).
  • Hereafter, form submission will be not be failed in such a case. This will enable your users to partly fill address data and submit your form.
Fix / Change
Oct-11, 2018We have introduced a restriction in the Send Mail task. Refer to the note in this page.Change
Oct-10, 2018A limitation has been encountered: Freezing columns in the tabular layout of list report’s quick view is not supported when grouping is enabled.Fix
Oct-5, 2018When the on click of a record action is set as Do Nothing, then URLs in that record are not being opened when user clicks on themFix
Sept-27, 2018
  • We have revamped the UI of customer portal pages, and modified the e-mail templates involved
  • Hereafter when you duplicate a form, payment workflows also (if present for the source form) will be duplicated (for the new form). Such payment workflows will be Disabled​; you will have to enable them if required.
Sept-27, 2018Page breaks are not captured when pages are downloaded as PDFsFix
Sept-26, 2018Issue in exporting as a spreadsheet: With regard to subform, just the data in its first field is exported. Hereafter, the data in all its Display Fields will be exported.Fix
Sept-24, 2018When embedding forms, adding zc_BgClr=transparent as query string is not making the form transparent.Fix
Sept-22, 2018In print templates, you can now make use of the sub-fields of name and address fields.Improvement
Sept-22, 2018
  • Unable to export published pages as PDF
  • Unable to export data from reports when they display the added location and modified location system fields.
Sept-19, 2018You can now duplicate record templatesImprovement
Sept-19, 2018Hereafter, installation of gallery apps will be available only for accounts that have their apps listed in the following manner (as tiles) on their dashboards. If your apps are not listed so, you will be prompted to switch to Zoho Creator 5 while you initiate installation of a gallery app.

Sept-16, 2018Hereafter, errors that arise while accessing pages will be loggedImprovement
Sept-16, 2018Unable to disable radio fields inside subformsFix
Sept-13, 2018Images are not being displayed in reports when domain users access themFix
Sept-12, 2018You can now choose to hide the legend in chartsImprovement
Sept-12, 2018Detail view's block layout is displaying subform records in the order inverse to which they were added in the subformFix
Sept-6, 2018
  • Hereafter while importing customers, whitespaces in their email addresses will be trimmed off. So far, import was failing if email addresses had whitespaces.
  • Issue in customer portal: When users are not logged-in, and they directly access a component (form, report, or page) via its URL, they are being redirected (after logging in) to the first component in that app instead of the target component.
  • When accessing a form via its perma or embed URL with redirection set to another form, report, or page, and target is the same window, the source form isn’t getting refreshed when user submits an entry.
Sept-4, 2018During form submission, native mobile apps are not showing proper warnings when mandatory fields in subforms are emptyFix
Sept-3, 2018Issues with data access tasks that are added at level 0 (the start) of approval processesFix
Aug-31, 2018Custom functions are returning date/date-time values in the default format (Dd/mm/yyyy) instead of the format set in that app’s settingsFix
Aug-30, 2018While editing apps in Zoho Creator 5, all types of forms, reports, pages, and workflows will hereafter be denoted with distinct icons in the component menu:

Aug-27, 2018You can now, while editing your app, deselect the initial value for drop down and radio fieldsImprovement
Aug-27, 2018
  • Field Properties pane is not appearing when editing Forms from iPads
  • Unable to edit records from reports that are embedded in pages
Aug-24, 2018With regard to approval process:
  • Customers cannot be approvers. Reason: Approvers are meant to be users that are part of the organization.
  • Consequently in apps that have a customer portal: Once you set a users field as an approver, you will not be allowed to make that field display customers.
Fix / Change
Aug-24, 2018OnUserInput script is not getting triggered when user changes focus from the current field to a choice field (Drop Down, Radio, Multi Select, Checkbox). For example: Imagine a form containing a single line and radio field, and that there's Deluge script in the OnUserInput block of the single line field. When a user types an input in the single line field and immediately selects one of the radio buttons, the said OnUserInput script is not being executed.Fix
Aug-23, 2018When submitting a Payment-enabled Form from a published Page, redirection to the Page isn’t happening after paymentFix
Aug-22, 2018Unable to export Record Summary as PDF from published reportsFix
Aug-17, 2018You can now import phone numbers that contain hypens (-) and parentheses (). Refer to this section to learn about importing data into the Name, Address, and Phone fields.Fix
Aug-17, 2018Improvement
Aug-16, 2018Hereafter when you export data from reports as PDF, only the content within 420 pixels of the report's width will be exported. Fields or data after this span of 420 px will not be present in the PDF.Change
Aug-16, 2018You can now apply background color to HTML Snippets:

Aug-13, 2018Hereafter while accessing reports, you can bulk-delete up to 1,000 recordsChange
Aug-8, 2018You can now import data into the Name, Address, and Phone fields. Things to know:
  • You must ensure that each of these data points are in a single column. For example, the complete address must be in one column and not separated as Address Line 1, . . . Postal Code, and Country.
  • When importing names:
    • Ensure that the required sub-fields are enabled as Display Fields
    • The names must be in the following order: Prefix, First name, Last name, Suffix
    • If the Name field is Mandatory, each sub-field must be assigned a value
    • The white space character is used to separate values for each sub-field
    • If Prefix sub-field is enabled, then characters that precede the dot character (.) will be considered as the prefix in that name. However, records will be imported only when the prefixes match with the choices in the Prefix sub-field’s dropdown
  • When importing addresses:
    • Ensure that the required sub-fields are enabled as Display Fields
    • The address data must be in the following order: Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City/District, State/Province, Postal Code, Country
    • All enabled sub-fields, except Address Line 2, must be assigned a value
    • Sub-field data is to be separated by ", " (combination of a comma and a space). Conversely, all characters before the first ", " will be set as Address Line 1, and so on.
    • Countries in the addresses must match with the choices in the Country sub-field’s dropdown
  • When importing phone numbers, you must ensure that:
    • They contain the + character
    • They do not contain characters other than numbers and spaces
    • They contain valid area codes (for countries like US, UK) and the right number of digits (as per the respective country’s convention)
Aug-8, 2018Info task is not being executed in the on start action block of approval processFix
Aug-8, 2018In a report, you cannot have two Action Items with the same nameFix / Change
Aug-8, 2018While you add Data access tasks via the point-and-click interface, you can now:
  • Set date fields (in the target form) with Deluge system variables: today, tomorrow, yesterday, and zoho.currentdate
  • Set date-time fields (in the target form) with Deluge system variables: nowtoday, tomorrow, yesterday, zoho.currentdate, and zoho.currenttime
  • Set lookup fields (in the target form) with the ID of the current record, which is added or updated in the source form
  • Use the Current record option while setting the criteria for Update record tasks
Aug-7, 2018Border colour is not being applied in published formsFix
Aug-3, 2018

daysBetween() is now available for accounts using Zoho Creator 5 or New UI. Syntax:

var_a = <startDate>.daysBetween(<endDate>)
where startDate and endDate are variables or fields that hold date or date-time values
Aug-2, 2018

We will be retiring support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1 on September-30, 2018. Learn more

(This has been extended to October-31, 2018)

Improvement / Change
Aug-2, 2018
  • You can now use aggregate functions for fields in subforms
  • While accessing a report’s quick view, you can now execute an action item on click or tap of a single record
Aug-1, 2018We’ve set the size of responses — received on executing getUrl and postUrl tasks — to 50 MBChange
Jul-31, 2018Issues with downloading rebranded mobile apps for iOSFix
Jul-28, 2018
  • Unable to add ZML snippets to pages when accessing via Mozilla Firefox
  • Upon exporting records as Excel and CSV files, data stored in fields that were used for grouping and sorting is missing
Jul-27, 2018Hereafter when a user edits a record that contains a formula field: The formula field's expression will be recalculated even when the fields (participating in its expression) are updated via Deluge script (eg: OnLoad of form or OnUserInput of another field). So far, this recalculation was happening only when a user manually updated the data in the participating fields. Refer to this page to learn how the formula field's value is calculated.Fix / Change
Jul-26, 2018Unable to save the changes made to reports from application IDE when they contain action items added at the record levelFix
Jul-25, 2018Uploading a file in a file upload field from cloud storage (Zoho Docs and Google Drive) is not supported when the form is accessed via its published URL or from customer portal. Learn moreChange
Jul-24, 2018
  • You can now hide legends in Pivot Charts. Select the last layout under Report Customization > Legend Position.
  • Searching lookup fields now supports using and retrieving accented characters. For example,
    • If you search a lookup field for records that contain é, records containing e and all its variants (like é, ê) will be returned
    • If you search a lookup field for records that contain e, records containing its variants will also be returned
Fix / Change
Jul-24, 2018Issue in Pages: The Save button is not appearing in embedded spreadsheet reportsFix
Jul-23, 2018Issue in Android native mobile apps: Unable to access Detail View of a record when the report’s name contains the ampersand character (&)Fix
Jul-19, 2018Version 5.4.0 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for Android is now available. Improvement
Jul-16, 2018Issue with accessing integration fields in forms: unable to search for dataFix
Jul-16, 2018You can now set a Default Permission for Customer Portal. Users who sign up to your Public or Restricted portal will automatically be assigned with its default permission.Fix / Change
Jul-13, 2018Version 5.11 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Jul-13, 2018Filter is not being applied in chartsFix
Jul-11, 2018We’ve made UI enhancements to the process of taking backups from your app’s SettingsImprovement
Jul-10, 2018
  • Custom width for buttons (in pages) is not getting applied
  • Unable to import subform data
  • You can now assign values to integration fields via query string
  • For accounts using Zoho Creator 5: Clicking Home takes user to their own workspace instead of their default workspace
Jul-6, 2018Issue in published calendar reports for accounts using Zoho Creator 5: Able to update events (by dragging and dropping them) even though editing records is not permitted.Fix
Jul-5, 2018Panels can now display aggregates (of numeric fields) without any grouping separator. The following image shows the Display formats in which Panels can display aggregates (Sum, Minimum, Maximum, Median, Average, and Count):

Jul-4, 2018
  • We have updated the modules and fields in QuickBooks that you can integrate with. Learn more
  • The Ultimate plan has been updated as follows. Refer pricing
    • The minimum number of users required to subscribe to this plan has been changed from 50 to 10
    • The number of Customer Portal users offered has been changed from 5,000 to 1,000
Jul-2, 2018Hereafter, when a Multi Line field is referred in the Subject of an Email Notification, each new line character (if present in the field) will be replaced by a white space character.Fix / Change
Jul-2, 2018For accounts using Zoho Creator 5: Issue with using getFieldValue() inside functionsFix
Jun-29, 2018Integrating with QuickBooks via forms, fields, and integration task, has now been enabled. Refer the following: Improvement
Jun-26, 2018Unable to parse XML content returned from external sources via Get URL or Post URL tasksFix
Jun-23, 2018When actions (defined in workflows) are being executed On user input of a field, a loading spinner appears next to it. This was not happening (though the actions were being executed).Fix
Jun-20, 2018Backward compatibility for export URLs has been deprecated. Learn moreChange
Jun-20, 2018Fix
Jun-14, 2018
  • You can now duplicate Panels in Pages
  • Hereafter, when adding a Form or Report to a Page, the configuration window will slide in from the right. So far, it was opening as a popup.
Improvement / Change
Jun-13, 2018The currency field now supports Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark: currency code BAM and currency symbol KMImprovement
Jun-12, 2018The currency field now supports Surinamese Dollar: currency code SRD and currency symbol $Improvement
Jun-9, 2018
  • Issue with exporting records as a PDF when there’s Grouping enabled on that report
  • Unable to download a file when it has the tilde character (~) in its name
  • When accessing a page, filters are not being applied on reports added to it
Jun-9, 2018Version 5.10 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Jun-6, 2018Hereafter, when you are editing a function, you will be able to access all its previous versionsImprovement
Jun-5, 2018
  • Issue with formula field when it refers to a file upload, audio, video, or image field in its expression
  • UI breaks when a form (that contains multiple sections) is added as a subform
May-25, 2018We have introduced the following data privacy and security measures to help your apps achieve compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Refer to this page to learn more about Zoho Creator’s GDPR readiness.
  • Hereafter, when you disable the Capture location form property, all location data captured till then, will be deleted. Refer to capturing location to learn more.
  • Forms you create hereafter will not capture your user's IP address by default. You’ll have to enable the Capture IP address form property. Refer to capturing IP address to learn more.
  • You can now enable Encryption At Rest (EAR) for the data stored in fields. Refer to understand data encryption.
  • Contains personal data field property: You can use this to mark the fields in your forms which contain, or will contain, personal data.
Improvement / Change
May-9, 2018Add record task fails when the form contains a formula field that refers a number field.Fix
May-3, 2018You can now assign values to integration fields via Deluge script.Fix
Apr-28, 2018
  • Hereafter, you will be able to search a report using the fields present in both, its Quick View and Detail View. So far, you could search a report using the fields in its Quick View.
  • Hereafter, you can view a report (say, list) in another format (calendar, kanban, etc.) if it has the relevant type of field (date or date-time field for calendar, single-select field for kanban) in either its Quick View or Detail View. So far, the relevant type of field had to be present in that report's Quick View.
Fix / Change
Apr-28, 2018Issue in email notification in accounts using Creator 5: User submitted data is being attached as a PDF when it’s supposed to be present as inline content in the email’s message.Fix
Apr-11, 2018We’ve increased the number of choices that can be selected in a multi select or checkbox field from 1,000 to 1,500Improvement
Apr-11, 2018Unable to export app as a DS when it contains a workflow being triggered via an action item in reportsFix
Apr-11, 2018

We’ve applied limits to the number of customers you can add to your Customer Portal. Hereafter, you will:

  • Receive an email notification once you've consumed 90% of your portal user limit
  • Be alerted when you add a user after you've consumed your portal user limit
Apr-10, 2018Unable to create a schedule if the app’s date format is dd/MM/yyyyFix
Mar-29, 2018Pages are not loading in Android and iOS customer portal appsFix
Mar-27, 2018We've released a new version of our platform – Zoho Creator 5. Refer to its release notes.
  • All accounts you create hereafter will be able to build apps using Zoho Creator 5
  • For existing accounts, we're enabling access to Zoho Creator 5 in a phased manner. We've prepared a migration guide to assist you in switching from the current version you're accessing, to Zoho Creator 5.

Contact for any clarifications regarding the same.

Mar-27, 2018Version 5.9 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Mar-24, 2018Version 5.3.0 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for Android is now available. Improvement
Mar-20, 2018For accounts created hereafter, the Restrict Visibility option in Reports has been moved under Profiles.Improvement
Mar-16, 2018Version 5.8 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Mar-10, 2018Hereafter, when you delete a field: If the field is referred in the criteria of a personalized report created by your user, you will be able to delete the field only when such reports are deleted.Fix / Change
Mar-8, 2018Hereafter, if a form is referred in a function, deleting it will not be permitted till its reference in the function is removed.Fix / Change
Mar-6, 2018Issue in form automation: Set Field Value task is not assigning value to fields that have Show Field To property set as Admin Only.Fix
Mar-2, 2018Hereafter, in New UI: When a user selects a component from the Sections listed on the left, the selection will be highlighted. So far, the Section (to which the selected component belongs) was highlighted.Improvement
Mar-2, 2018Unable to save changes in a report when user applies grouping/sorting over the custom filter.Fix
Mar-1, 2018Fix
Feb-28, 2018The Currency field now supports Armenian Dram: currency code AMD and currency symbol AMD.Improvement
Feb-28, 2018User is able to view record summary of calendar reports even when the URL styling parameterzc_summary is set as ‘false’.Fix
Feb-22, 2018Version 5.7 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Feb-22, 2018Hereafter, CAPTCHA in forms will be case-sensitive.Fix
Feb-22, 2018

Creating an app by importing a .ds file fails when it has a bidirectional lookup field that looks up data from a form that is present in an other app.

Hereafter, when such a .ds file is imported, the bidirectional relation will be dropped on import. Reason: A bidirectional lookup has fields in both forms - the main form and the related form. As the import process is not permitted to search your account for the other app, it cannot establish the bidirectional relation of that lookup field.

Fix / Change
Feb-15, 2018The Currency field now supports Malawi Kwacha: currency code MWK and currency symbol MK.Improvement
Feb-15, 2018
  • Issue with Portuguese translation in New UI: Some captions in reports are not getting translated
  • In New UI, the Add Record option is unavailable when a report, with a search criteria as query string in its URL, is opened in a pop-up window via the Open URL task
Feb-14, 2018We have introduced a UI-enhancement for the file-upload and image fields. A new set of icons and context-specific tooltips will appear when you access them from a web browser.Improvement
Feb-10, 2018Issue with scrolling when accessing a report/page from a web browser: Editing a record from a report, or clicking a custom action, is not returning back to the same scroll position, but taking to the top of that report/page.Fix
Feb-9, 2018Version 5.6 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Feb-9, 2018Hereafter, each Form, Report, and Page in your app will have a unique link-name. Zoho Creator will ensure this by:
  • Appending the link-name of a component with “1” if there exists another component with the same link-name. For example: If there exists a Form with form-link-name as Orders, and you create a Page named Orders, its page-link-name will be set as Orders1.
  • Failing the process of importing an app using .ds file when there are components in that app with the same link-name. You’ll have to remove the instances of duplicate link-names from that .ds file, and then import it.
Fix / Change
Feb-5, 2018We have introduced some usability enhancements in reports with respect to displaying aggregate values, custom actions, and custom filters. Refer this page to learn more about this.Improvement
Feb-1, 2018Version 5.5 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Jan-29, 2018Fix
Jan-24, 2018Hereafter when you export data in the CSV format, the value stored in the multi line field will be enclosed in double quotes.

Reason: The Multi Line field allows you to enter multiple lines of text. While exporting such data, line separation is expressed using the new line character, and this disturbed the formatting in the exported CSV file.

Jan-22, 2018
  • Searching a URL field (in a report) is not retrieving all matching records.
  • Issue with CRM field in New UI: bulk editing this field updates only the value and not the ID (of the corresponding CRM record).
Jan-20, 2018We have made some readability enhancements in reports. Refer this page to learn more about this update.Improvement
Jan-16, 2018Shared apps are not appearing in a developer’s dashboard.Fix
Jan-15, 2018
  • Issue with listing of components in mobile apps: Users are able to view, in the dashboard of an app shared with them, all the reports in that app. (However, they’re able to access just those reports that they have permission to)
  • Issue with creating pivot reports: Unable to create a pivot table / pivot chart for forms that were created before Jan-9, 2018, and did not already have a pivot report.
Jan-13, 2018Version 5.4 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Jan-8, 2018Issue with installing gallery apps: User, who installed a gallery app in a shared workspace, is unable to access that app.Fix
Jan-8, 2018In New UI: Imagine that you have created a function in your app that is similar to a built-in function in name, return type and argument. So far, wherever you call your function, the built-in function (being prioritized over user-defined functions) was being called instead. We’ve reversed this priority. Hereafter, your function will be prioritized over the corresponding built-in function.Change
Dec-28, 2017A single-select bidirectional lookup is meant to ensure that the relationship between the two forms is 1:1 from both sides, i.e., one record in the looked up form is related to one record in the source form and vice versa. For example:
  • Imagine a form Letters that stores letters from the English alphabet and a form Numbers that stores numbers, and that they’re related via a single-select bidirectional lookup.
  • In this case, you can have data like A related to 1 (A-1), B related to 2 (B-2), etc. and not something like A-1, B-1, C-2, D-2.
  • If you access your app and relate a letter with a number (that is already related with another letter), the previous relationship is automatically dropped to establish the new one. That is, if you have A-1, B-2, C-3, etc., and you relate 2 with A, the B-2 relationship is automatically dropped to establish the A-2 relationship. Your data will then be: A-2, B, C-3, etc.
So far, this auto-update of relationship was not happening for relationships established via Deluge script and while importing data. We’ve now fixed this.
Fix / Change
Dec-26, 2017We’ve introduced a few parameters that you can make use of when exporting a page as a PDF. Refer this page to learn about them.Improvement
Dec-22, 2017
  • Issue with app installation: when a user installs an app in the shared workspace, the workspace owner is being assigned as that app’s primary contact when it actually should be the user (who installed that app).
  • Issue with navigational URLs in New UI: #Script:page.back is not working.
Dec-21, 2017
  • Issue with exporting report to PDF: sorting applied while accessing the report is not applied in the PDF, i.e., the data in the exported PDF is not in the sorted order.
  • Issue with the select task in New UI: when setting a multi-select field with a value, the task deselects all the other values selected in that field.
Dec-20, 2017Hereafter, in apps that are published by developers, the clients cannot, in reports:
  • Edit the column properties.
  • Create their own custom actions, conditional formatting and record summary templates.
Dec-11, 2017

Hereafter, you can define the width and height in which images (stored in an image field) are to be displayed in your reports. (Go to your report's column properties section and click the gear icon next to the image field.)

Dec-11, 2017We have introduced a new set of 2000+ icons.Improvement
Dec-11, 2-17Version 5.3.1 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is optimized for iPhone X. Improvement
Dec-8, 2017Hereafter, deluge tasks added in the on user input section of a field will be triggered when you enter or change the ‘other option’ value in a dropdown or radio field.Fix
Dec-7, 2017In New UI: We have corrected the behaviour of the following Deluge system variables when they are used in schedules:
  • zoho.loginuser will now return the username of that app’s admin.
  • zoho.loginuserid will now return the email address of that app’s admin.
Dec-7, 2017Hereafter, Zoho Creator will prompt and not allow you to delete a field that is referred in the When to do? section of a form schedule. You will first have to remove the field from that section to be allowed to delete it.Improvement
Dec-4, 2017Version 5.2.0 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for Android is now available. Improvement
Nov-27, 2017
  • Unable to disable a subform field using the Disable Fields task in form automation. Currently, disabling a subform (when accessing a form) is not supported. Workarounds that you could try:
    • Use the Hide Add Entry subform field task in form automation. This will display the subform but prevent users from adding entries in it.
    • Use the Hide Fields task in form automation. This will hide the subform field; users won't see it on your form.
  • Issue with configuring form automation: unable to select more than 9 fields in a field task.
Nov-27, 2017Version 5.3 of the Zoho Creator native mobile app for iOS is now available. Improvement
Nov-24, 2017Hereafter, if you set a field's deluge name as Container, container or request, Zoho Creator will append them with _field. For example: container_field. This is because these are keywords that are used internally by the platform.Change
Nov-23, 2017Hereafter, when configuring calendar reports, Zoho Creator will prompt and not allow you to remove (from the report’s column properties) the fields set as Start Date and Display Field.Improvement
Nov-23, 2017Issue with pages in New UI: when previewing a page, the Deluge code in that page is executed twice.Fix
Nov-22, 2017We have enhanced an aspect of searching for data in a report: So far, when you search for data in a report that displays a single-select lookup field (that has only one field set as display fields), only four operators were available: Is Empty, Is Not Empty, Contains and Not Contains. Hereafter, in place of these, all operators that are applicable for the display field’s data-type will be available.Improvement
Nov-22, 2017Issue while accessing a currency field: an incorrect currency symbol is displayed for Zambian Kwacha (ZMW). The correct one is ZK.Fix
Nov-22, 2017Hereafter, while accessing a published report, the option to import data will not be available. So far, the option was visible and on trying to import the user was shown an error message.Change
Nov-21, 2017
  • Response to a post URL request appears garbled if it contains letters from the Japanese alphabet/character sets.
  • Issues with record summary:
    • When exporting it as a PDF, it appears in the A4 size even though a custom size is set.
    • Styling defined using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) does not appear properly.
Nov-20, 2017Hereafter, you may experience an improvement in performance when you access a form to edit a record.Improvement
Nov-13, 2017Issue with form-styling parameters in New UI: font size and font family are not getting applied.Fix
Nov-9, 2017Regarding restricting visibility of reports: the Allow users to edit setting has been deprecated. Refer this page to learn more about it.Change
Nov-8, 207Issues with pivot table:
  • Unable to access the report when it is configured to display only the logged-in user's records.
  • The Added User (system field) is displaying the ID value instead of the username.
Nov-6, 2017Issue with exporting data from a report in the CSV, TSV, XML, JSON and Spreadsheet formats in New UI: values in a multi-select lookup field (that is a field in a related form) are separated by <br> (the line break tag) instead of comma (,).Fix
Nov-1, 2017Issue with translation in New UI: The names of days, months and buttons in a calendar report are not getting translated. (A limitation has been encountered)Fix
Sept-7, 2017
  • Hereafter, when accessing a Pivot Chart in native mobile apps, its legends will be displayed below the chart.
  • A list of countries is now available as part of the predefined choices in Dropdown and Radio fields.
Sept-7, 2017Issue with the navigational URLs: #Script:page.close is closing all popup windows.Fix
Sept-6, 2017Internal framework of Zoho Creator for the Get URL and Post URL tasks has been enhanced. Hereafter, with respect to these tasks, the generic “Internal Exception” error message will not be returned. Instead, Zoho Creator will return the response that the target system sends.Improvement
Aug-7, 2017Issue with using report parameters in New UI.Fix
Jul-31, 2017Developer of an app is unable to delete functions in it.Fix
Jul-20, 2017The date format “E dd.MM.yyyy” (eg: Fri 15.08.1947) is now supported.Improvement
Jul-13, 2017Issue with adding record in form via email when the email address (with which the form is shared) does not have an account.Fix
Jul-13, 2017Hereafter, Role description and Profile description can have upto 200 characters.Improvement
Jul-12, 2017Issue with printing report as list: all records in the report are being printed even though a criteria was passed as query string in the report’s URL.Fix
Jul-11, 2017Fix
Jul-5, 2017Issue with viewing records in Spreadsheet report: read-only columns are appearing editable; (however) any change made to the data in those columns is not updated in the records.Fix
Jul-4, 2017While scrolling (horizontally or vertically) through a Spreadsheet report, the view and the focus are not in sync.Fix
Jul-3, 2017Unable to access a form when the initial value of a Date field (in that form) is set with a string that is not a proper date value.Fix
Jun-30, 2017Issue with accessing the calendar in Date and Date-time fields in a div-embedded Form in Pages.Fix
Jun-29, 2017Unable to open mail:to and about:blank URLs through the Open URL task.Fix
Jun-24, 2017Hereafter, in accounts created after April, 2014, the add record and search buttons will be displayed while accessing Calendar Reports.Improvement
Jun-22, 2017In accounts created after April, 2014, issue with sorting of records displayed by a Lookup field.Fix
Jun-21, 2017Unable to duplicate a Page.Fix
Jun-20, 2017Hereafter, clients can take an application backup for apps published by developers.Improvement
Jun-13, 2017
  • Hereafter, the Users & Permissions feature will be available for all accounts that are on a pricing plan as mentioned here and here. Also, with respect to Profiles,:
    • The profile User can be modified.
    • The profile Member will not be present in new apps. It can be modified in existing apps.
  • Hereafter, Customer Portal users can change their passwords by using the change password link that appears on clicking their user name or profile image in the portal.
Jun-12, 2017Hereafter you may experience an improvement in performance when you delete a field which stores some data.Improvement
Jun-1, 2017While editing the app, able to add an empty choice in Drop down field, Radio, Multi Select and Checkbox fields.Fix
May-30, 2017Hereafter, when Workflows (except Schedules) are accessed for the first time (while editing the app), the Free-flow script editor will be opened.Fix
May-29, 2017Issue with editing Pages when it contains just div-embedded Report(s).Fix
May-25, 2017While accessing a Spreadsheet Report through web browsers in iPhone and iPad, the choices of Drop down field are inaccessible.Fix
May-24, 2017
  • Issue with searching a Report: unable to use “After” and “Before” parameters for the Date and Date-time fields.
  • Unable to rename the Submit and Reset buttons in forms.
May-24, 2017Hereafter, for accounts created after April, 2014: when the alert task is triggered from the On Delete - Validate section, the records (subjected to deletion) will be displayed along with the alert message.Improvement
May-22, 2017Hereafter, only a letter from the english alphabet (a-z) can be used as the first character while setting the application link name.Change
May-18, 2017Hereafter, you can use zoho.loginuserid and zoho.adminuserid as values for the Users field in Report Criteria.Improvement
May-15, 2017 However, you can attach images or files only up to 25 MB in an email.Improvement
May-11, 2017Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) is supported in the Currency field.Improvement
May-9, 2017Improvement
May-5, 2017Issue with importing DS file when: Fix
May-4, 2017
  • Issue with Drop down field: unable to set a new value to it (a value other than its choices) even though Allow Other Choice property is enabled.
  • Issue with div-embedded Forms in Pages: the NextUrl parameter (zc_NextUrl) does not redirect to the given URL.
May-3, 2017Issue in Spreadsheet Report: the save button does not appear when a cell’s value is dragged across rows (in the same column).Fix
May-2, 2017When accessed from phone or tablet, unable to trigger Custom Action from Record Summary.Fix
Apr-28, 2017Issue with rendering Signature field in Customer Portal.Fix
Apr-27, 2017Hereafter, for New Deluge accounts, the workflow components will be listed when apps are published from Sandbox and Zoho Developer.Improvement
Apr-24, 2017Fix
Apr-20, 2017Unable to publish app from Sandbox if a form automation (available in production) is removed in sandbox.Fix
Apr-19, 2017

The framework used for rendering Calendar Reports has been updated. Hereafter, when accessing Calendar Reports:

  • Height of rows in a Month Report will get auto-adjusted based on the number of records they contain.
  • If multiple records span a particular date, the records will be sorted on their Start Date value in the ascending order.
Apr-19, 2017Unable to enable/disable Push Notifications from Reports in native mobile app.Fix
Apr-18, 2017Fix
Apr-17, 2017
  • Shared apps are not listing in the Dashboard of users who have not created an app in their own account.
  • Issue with exporting records from Report: unable to export after searching, when using the browsers IE 10 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Issue with importing a DS file containing Pivot Chart or Pivot Table.
  • For Reports containing more than 10 Conditional Formatting, the order of Conditional Formatting get changed when that Report’s Definition is saved.
Apr-13, 2017
  • Issue with setting height of Report that is div-embedded in a Page.
  • Unable to scroll through a List Report when using the browser IE11
  • App is getting listed in the Dashboard of G Suite users, even though those users are not part of the group with which the app is shared.
Apr-12, 2017
  • Issue with File upload and Image Field: unable to upload a file the second time in the same record.
  • If the Debug task info is used in On Delete -> Validate, instead of just the intended response, the whole JSON response of the task is displayed.
Apr-11, 2017Internal integrations framework of Zoho Creator has been enhanced: few security aspects have been further strengthened.Improvement
Apr-11, 2017Unable to download Record Summary as PDF if the margin in that template is set with a float value.Fix
Apr-10, 2017
  • Issue with configuring the Users Field: unable to select and add users.
  • Issue with attaching Report in Send Mail Task (for New Deluge accounts): all records are being attached, even if the Report has a criteria.
  • Issue with exporting data from Reports: when a hidden column is exposed and data is exported, all data except that in the newly exposed column get exported.
  • In Customer Portal, unable to add a user if there exists another user with the same username, even though on a different domain.
Apr-7, 2017
  • When a Formula Field, based on a Numeric Field, has no data (as a result of Numeric Field having no data), and aggregation (on that Formula Field) is enabled, the Report fails to load.
  • The strikethrough formatting on text gets removed when such text is pasted in Rich Text Field and (the Form is) submitted.
Apr-6, 2017Serbian Dinar (RSD) is supported in the Currency field.Improvement
Apr-6, 2017
  • Issue with sorting data that is grouped using a Multi-select Lookup Field.
  • When the Data type of a Formula Field is changed from Number/Decimal to String/Boolean, and aggregation (on that Formula Field) is enabled, the Report fails to load.
Apr-5, 2017Issue with importing DS file if it contains a Formula Field that has a negative expression like !isNull(single_line).Fix
Apr-4, 2017
  • Unable to search a Report using a Decimal Field if an integer value is passed to it with the “IS” operator.
  • When a shared user creates a new Report from an existing report, the permissions the user has been given (in the existing report) do not cascade to the new report.
  • When a Report (that is embedded in a Page) is queried for records such that no record, which matches the given criteria, exists in that Report, the “No Data Available” message breaks.
Apr-3, 2017For a user (assigned the role “Administrator”), on changing the Column width and saving the Report as a new Report, the changed width does not get saved.Fix
Mar-31, 2017
  • Issue when a user, who is permitting to access a workspace, installs a Gallery App when no other app exists in that workspace.
  • Issue with exporting data from a Report, which is showing data filtered using a Formula Field (displaying boolean values).
  • When accessing an application through a browser in mobile, the Settings menu does not close (once it is clicked).
  • The character limitation of a Single Line Field is being applied even after changing it to a Multi Line or Rich Text Field.
Mar-30, 2017Formatting issue while viewing Currency Fields (those related to a Lookup Field, or those present inside a SubForm) in Record Summary.Fix
Mar-29, 2017
  • Issue while navigating (page jumping up while scrolling) through the script in Pages.
  • When accessing a published Report, in which records can only be viewed, the checkboxes are appearing (against each record) when navigating back from summary of any record.
Mar-24, 2017

The framework used for rendering List Reports has been updated.

  • This will boost the performance when accessing List Reports.
  • A change in the width of Columns, when accessing List Reports, may be experienced. Column-width can now be adjusted simply by dragging the columns, as shown in this image.
Feb-28, 2017Fix
Feb-27, 2017
  • Display name of Fields in Inline SubForm (the SubForm created inside a Form, not using an existing Form) not being translated.
  • When searching in published Reports, auto-suggestion of choices not working for Single-select and Multi-select Fields.
Feb-24, 2017
  • Issue with the “Share” option seen in the Dashboard -> Pages tab (when editing the application).
  • For New Deluge accounts, unable to export Application as a DS file if Push Notification has been configured in it.
Feb-23, 2017
  • When publishing changes from Sandbox to production, Form success message and width of Fields not being listed in items changed.
  • In Stateless Forms, error is thrown when a Button’s script is edited through the Form Definition.
Feb-22, 2017
  • Unable to add data to public Forms using email-data if the Form is created using Form-templates.
  • When accessing Reports, images (present in the Image Field) get displayed in the size 100x80 pixels. (From hereafter they will be displayed in their actual size).
Feb-21, 2017
  • Issue while grouping and sorting data on Lookup Field’s related Fields, while accessing Reports.
  • Issue with Custom Action when viewing record using the record-summary URL.
  • Issue with the parameter zc_BdrClr (setting border colour for Forms & Reports).
Feb-20, 2017When publishing Pages from Sandbox to production, the Link Name is being shown instead of the Display Name.Fix
Feb-17, 2017
  • Issue with printing published Reports.
  • Not able to view images (uploaded in Image Field of SubForm), in Spreadsheet Report.
Feb-16, 2017
  • Image Field, present in SubForm, is being shown as a URL in Spreadsheet Report.
  • Issue with Unshare API.
  • Verified Email Addresses supported in Send Mail Task for New Deluge accounts.
Feb-15, 2017
  • Issue with accessing URLs of App’s backups from the Application-Dashboard (the one seen while Editing the Application).
  • Mismatch in the order of Fields in Form between that in Sandbox and Production App.
Feb-14, 2017
  • With respect to the Fetch Records Task, an error is now thrown when either of the below are part of the criteria -
    • Fields in the SubForm, or,
    • when the “in” operator is used with Lookup field’s related fields.
  • Margins are uneven when printing Record Summary.
  • Custom Actions not executing in Spreadsheet Report.
  • Data-type mismatch Issue while searching a Number Field.
  • Layout issue in rendering SubForm when using permalinks and Record-Edit URLs.
  • Mismatch of Currency and their symbols for the following - Algeria Dinars (DZD), Bahrain Dinars (BHD), Bangladesh Taka (BDT), Iraq Dinars (IQD), Jordan Dinars (JOD), Kenya Shillings (KES), Kuwait Dinars (KWD), Morocco Dirhams (MAD), Sudan Dinars (SDD), Tunisia Dinars (TND), Zambia Kwacha (ZMW), Myanmar Kyat (MMK), CFP Franc (XPF).
  • UI break in Header of Calendar Report, when accessing from iPad.
Feb-10, 2017Fix
Feb-10, 2017Translation is now supported for Armenian and Kurdish languages as well.Improvement
Feb-8, 2017Rows in Spreadsheet Reports will now be highlighted even if one of their column values have been updated.Improvement
Feb-8, 2017Fix
Feb-7, 2017Fix
Feb-1, 2017Inside the SubForm Field, the horizontal scrollbar will always be visible.Improvement
Feb-1, 2017
  • When Image Field is used as merge Field in SubForm then broken Image renders in Report.
  • Not able to set integer values to Decimal Fields while adding record through script.
Jan-30, 2017
  • Users not having a Zoho Creator account are able to add record through Email Data.
  • Up and Down arrow keys not working in Multi Line Fields while adding record from Report.
  • The order, in which values are selected in a Multi Select Field, is not maintained.
Jan-24, 2017
  • Issue with validating Email Field while saving scripts.
  • Add Notes Field gets hidden when a profile user access the application.
  • Search not working in Users Field if more than 200 users are present.
Jan-21, 2017
  • Issue in searching other language characters in CRM Field.
  • Wrong group-count is shown if more than 200 records are present in Report.
  • When Lookup field is used in Formula in New Deluge accounts, then not able to update records.
Jan-19, 2017
  • Redirecion not working properly for first time after login.
  • Issue in triggering On User Input for Lookup Fields if value set through add to parent.
  • UI issue if a Form contains only Decision box Fields.
  • Not able to use zc_BtnMovrBgClr parameter.
  • Custom Action header option is not working in IE browser.
Jan-11, 2017
  • Unable to set null to local variables.
  • Height and width of Image Field are not captured in the DS file for Calendar Reports.
  • Issue with using the parameters zc_PdfOrientation and zc_Pdfsize, while exporting Pages as PDF.
Jan-10, 2017Fix
Jan-5, 2017Margin support added for Record Summary.Improvement
Jan-5, 2017Fix
Jan-2, 2017Fix

Earlier Updates and Fixes

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