Feature updates and bug fixes


This page gives the list of new features introduced, enhancements made to existing features, and bugs fixed in Zoho Creator.


DateParticulars of Enhancements that have been introduced
Feb-10, 2017  Armenian and Kurdish languages added in translation list.
Feb-8, 2017Rows in Spreadsheet Reports will be highlighted when a record is edited.
Feb-1, 2017Inside the SubForm Field, the horizontal scrollbar will always be visible. 
Jan-5, 2017Margin support added for Record Summary.

Bug Fixes

DateParticulars of issues that have been fixed
Feb-10, 2017  
Feb-8, 2017
Feb-7, 2017
Feb-1, 2017
  • When Image Field is used as merge Field in SubForm then broken Image renders in Report.
  • Not able to set integer values to Decimal Fields while adding record through script.
Jan-30, 2017
  • Users not having a Zoho Creator account are able to add record through Email Data.
  • Up and Down arrow keys not working in Multi Line Fields while adding record from Report.
  • The order, in which values are selected in a Multi Select Field, is not maintained.
Jan-24, 2017
  • Issue with validating Email Field while saving scripts.
  • Add Notes Field gets hidden when a profile user access the application.
  • Search not working in Users Field if more than 200 users are present.
Jan-21, 2017
  • Issue in searching other language characters in CRM Field.
  • Wrong group-count is shown if more than 200 records are present in Report.
  • When Lookup field is used in Formula in New deluge accounts, then not able to update records.
Jan-19, 2017
  • Redirecion not working properly for first time after login.
  • Issue in triggering On User Input for Lookup Fields if value set through add to parent.
  • UI issue if a Form contains only Decision box Fields.
  • Not able to use zc_BtnMovrBgClr parameter.
  • Custom Action header option is not working in IE browser in New Live.
Jan-11, 2017
  • Not able to set null to local variables.
  • Height and width of Image Field are not captured in the DS file for Calendar Reports.
  • Issue with using the parameters zc_PdfOrientation and zc_Pdfsize, while exporting Pages as PDF.
Jan-10, 2017
Jan-5, 2017
Jan-2, 2017

Earlier Updates and Bug Fixes