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Feature updates and bug fixes

This page will list the details of new features and bug fixes in Zoho Creator

Tuesday, Nov24, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in resaving criteria inside fetch task if the criteria variable is an element of for each list task is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in rendering Subform's Date Time field value in proper application format in record summary is fixed. 
  • Fix - If subform merge field is set as Old Type Dropdown, then data misalignment occurs when Report Optimization enhancement is enabled, this issue is fixed.

Wednesday, Nov18, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in exporting records after searching with special characters is fixed.
  • Fix - Broken image is added to Subform's Image field when main form's record is duplicated, this issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in Today,Tomorrow and Yesterday criterias in view criteria is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in Openurl redirection for new deluge users after paypal payment is fixed.
  • Fix - Unable to drag and drop 'Create List' and 'Create Map' deluge tasks in script builder for new deluge users, this issue is fixed. 

Wednesday, Nov04, 2015

  • Fix - Not able to restore app if max digit property of any numeric field is less than that of value present in the record, this issue if fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in resaving 'List.distinct().toString()' deluge script is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in fetching related fields value of a subform's lookup field while iterating a subform is fixed.

Saturday, Oct31, 2015

  • Enhancement - Form schedule now supports criterias for Date fields as today,tomorrow and yesterday.
  • Fix - Record print has unwanted empty spaces if Report Optimization enhancement is enabled, this issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in listing Html pages in profiles tab is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in editing deluge task in script builder which has 'map' as variable is fixed. 

Tuesday, Oct27, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in alphabetical sorting not working in lookup if it contains criteria is fixed.
  • Fix - Unable to upload logo in Marketplace, issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Decimal points were not working while using numeric variables in script for new deluge users, this issue is fixed.

Saturday, Oct24, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in updating field properties of Signature field is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in regeneration of Zoho Reports when Report Optimization enhancement was enabled is fixed.
  • Fix - Insert record deluge task was not working while adding data through API for new deluge users, issue is fixed.
  • Fix - When 'Subform.ID' is used in fetch criteria its not regenerating properly this issue is fixed.

Tuesday, Oct20, 2015

  • Fix - Not able to delete a function if it is reffered in already deleted app issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in Next Url not getting executed for new deluge users is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in setting Image size as 'Fit' in record summary is fixed.

Thursday, Oct15, 2015

  • Fix - Add to parent for lookup field was not working when Date field is included in display type of lookup and used in on validate action issue is fixed.
  • Fix - While creating form by importing file with two dots in the file name was not working issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Dynamic lookup fields were not working in subforms for new deluge users issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Formula fields were not visible in subforms for new deluge users issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Html header options are not saving for new deluge users issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Unable to import app into new deluge user's account which has Bi directional lookup field in it issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Auto Number field is restricted in Payment setting.
  • Fix - Formula is not calculated while importing data for new deluge users issue is fixed.

Wednesday, Oct07, 2015

  • Enhancement - Setting width for sections in record summary is supported.
  • Fix - Customise link in live mode not redirecting properly to publish page issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Saving new view from existing view by searching records with 'not contains' and 'not equals' criteria not working issue fixed.
  • Fix - Application info not showing for searched application in marketplace issue is fixed.

Wednesday, Sep25, 2015

  • Fix - On success and On validate script execution not working for new deluge users while data added through import,email data and API issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Dynamic Lookup Criteria not working for new deluge users issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Custom Schedule not executing for new deluge users issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Decision box becomes not bulk editable when it is mandatory issue if fixed.
  • Fix - When 'update' is used as fetch variable not able to import ds issue is fixed.
  • Fix - Not able to duplicate app if Auto Number field contains more than four digits for start index for new deluge users issue is fixed.

Thursday, Sep17, 2015

  • Fix - Mobile Browser wrong redirection issue fixed for users who doesn't have application.
  • Fix - zoho.currentdate and zoho.currenttime values not converted to app time zone issue is fixed for new deluge users.
  • Fix - zoho.appuri not giving correct value issue is fixed for new deluge users.
  • Fix - Print and Pdf options not working in Published view issue is fixed.

Wednesday, Sep09, 2015

  • Enhancement - Translation support for Mobile is provided.
  • Fix - Issue in setting Favicon and Logo for Gapps users has been fixed.
  • Fix - Changing App display name in Application settings page is not reflected in published App listing page this issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Script on Onload and Onuser input is not executing in Native App for new deluge users issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - After drag and drop of call function in new deluge editor, autocomplete hint was not showing issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - All columns gets hidden when trying to hide just one column for org developer case issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - UI breaks for a published view which contains only print and export icons has been fixed.

Wednesday, Aug26, 2015

  • Enhancement - Records Deleted or modified through script can be seen in Record Audit tab for Enterprise Users
  • Enhancement - Adding Images through email data is supported.
  • Fix - Issue in auto removal of multiLine comments in deluge script when the comment is not closed properly with '*/' has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in deleting application if function call is used with in that application's SubForm has been fixed.

Saturday, Aug15, 2015

  • Enhancement - Deluge freeflow editor is supported with auto complete feature for new signup users.
  • Enhancement - Chat Support Enabled for professional plan users.
  • Enhancement - Option to initiate Chat support is available in edit mode as well as live mode.
  • Fix - Issue in selecting choose template in HTML pages is fixed  
  • Fix - Issue in Color picker for Button Color & Button Text Color while publishing a form is fixed.

Tuesday, Aug11, 2015

  • Enhancement - Chat support enabled for Professional Express plans.
  • Fix - Issue in view records API with lookup field as criteria is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in saving script, after changing the deluge name of Zoho CRM field, is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in inviting clients from Creator Marketplace is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in saving Pivot Table/Chart Report settings if its Link name contains Japanese character.

Friday, July31, 2015

  • Fix - Search records with "Contains" operator for Multi Line fields has not return the correct data, this issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - Issue in listing Database name of Zoho Reports in Deluge Call Function is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in submitting form when using ui-add/append tasks for Multi-Select fields of SubForm is fixed.

Tuesday, July28, 2015

  • Enhancement - Option to edit Link name of pivot table/Chart provided.
  • Fix - Issue in Application Duplication, with more than 100 conditional formatting with criteria is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in re-inviting shared users is fixed.
  • Fix - Customer portal users added in restrict visibility by default while doing save as action in view. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - In Deluge tasks null value handled for decision box field.

Friday, July17, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in encoding of spaces in view auto filter for the Combined lookup Field with spaces as separator is fixed.
  • Fix - Using Function return value in "From" or "To" address in SendMail task throws error, that issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - Issue in listing Name Space listing while creating a new Function is fixed.
  • Fix - Use of row.field_Name in send mail task in OnAddRow or OnDeleteRow of SubForm throws error is now fixed.
  • Fix - Issue while using inbuilt functions on script builder for MultiSelect Lookup fields is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in translating an application which contains more than 4500 characters and some special characters is fixed.

Friday, July03, 2015

  • Fix - Translation for duplicate component names issue is Fixed.
  • Fix - Issue while Importing Data in a view as shared user in org accounts is Fixed.
  • Fix - Create Password page redirection issue in Customer portal for unapproved users is Fixed.
  • Fix - Issue while importing an Application which has more than 50 custom filters in view is Fixed.

Monday, June29, 2015

  • Enhancement - Currency field value in view record summary is supported with digits separator.
  • Enhancement - Apps shared to groups will be listing under shared apps for org accounts in home page.
  • Fix - Issue in translating the words containing Double quotes has been fixed.
  • Fix - Invoice tasks related issues fixed.
  • Fix - Duplicating application with special characters in App name has been fixed.
  • Fix - Custom action name ui issue in spreadsheet view is fixed.
  • Fix - Date format for a Lookup field auto filter values differ from application date format. Now this issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Copy application from a public app for org accounts issue is fixed.

Monday, June15, 2015

  • Enhancement - Edit only visible fields option supported for Org users.
  • Enhancement - Customer portal users included in restrict visibility section for views.
  • Enhancement - New Currency "Nicaraguan Cordoba (NIO)" added in Currency field.
  • Fix - Livedesk portal creation has been restricted other than super admin.
  • Fix - Issue in rendering Html content in calendar display field has been fixed.
  • Fix - Make as Default Workspace not retains its state issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Page freezes when fetch task is drag and dropped for the first time in custom schedule is Fixed now.

Monday, June08, 2015

  • Enhancement - Calendar view "Display Field" live mode character visible limit has been increased to the length of the event.
  • Fix - Issue in ui.add and append tasks in IE browser is Fixed.
  • Fix - Proper error message shown for Developer.
  • Fix - Combined Lookup with Users or Added user field displayed ID instead of corresponding name, now it has been fixed.
  • Fix - SubForm Lookup On user input triggering issue Fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in listing filter value of a Lookup field set with zoho.loginuser as criteria has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in form submission in a published component set with Email Notification in Rules has been fixed.

 Friday, May29, 2015

  • Enhancement - Bolivian Boliviano(BOB) currency addded in currency field.
  • Enhancement - Live Desk has been renamed as Live Chat.
  • Fix - Add User popup issue for Gapps User has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in saving schedule send mail task with related field has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in saving aggregate task is fixed.
  • Fix - not working with query parameters was fixed.

Thursday, May21, 2015

  • Fix - The Uploaded file was removed when the file upload field gets disabled. This Issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in displaying file upload field in the record edit when it is referred in Rules is fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in loading shared apps from thumb nail view is fixed.
  • Fix - Record Summary is not visible to the users who has set with "User" Profile. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in Translating application with more number of fields and forms has been fixed.
  • Fix - Live Desk button in customer portal's customized  log-in page is repositioned.
  • Fix - Issue in Translating System Messages when Auto translate disabled has been fixed.
  • Enhancement - User can have a control to enable or disable live chat.

 Wednesday, May06, 2015

  • New Feature - Zoho Subscription tasks supported in call function task in script builder.
  • Enhancement - Search option provided in users and permissions page.
  • Enhancement - Role status( Active or Inactive ) can be modified in roles details page.
  • Enhancement - Edit HTML supported for related fields in record summary. Styles can be applied to those fields now.
  • Enhancement - Application owner role can be modified, it has been supported now.
  • Fix - List:XML as parameter type has been supported in deluge function.
  • Fix - input.lookupfield.relatedfield support has been restricted in on load ,on validate and on user input blocks.

Friday, April24, 2015

  • Enhancement - Users filed is supported to list Customer Portal Users
  • Fix - Live Desk Enable issue due to lengthy application name has been fixed.
  • Fix - Users field's search criteria with "IsEmpty" was not working and it has been fixed now.

Friday, April17, 2015

  • Enhancement - Record summary supported with U.S. letter size.
  • Fix - Send mail task loading issue in crm custom function has been fixed.
  • Fix - Invoice issue on switching from monthly to yearly subscription has been fixed.
  • Fix - After reaching usage limit, unable to add active users in users and permission page. This issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - UI glitches in select users pop up in share tab is fixed.
  • Fix - zoho.login user for users field was not working in on validate and on success. Now it has been fixed.
  • Fix - Subscription issue due to primary email id change has been fixed.

Saturday, April11, 2015

  • Enhancement - Now developer can also view the usage logs in application dashboard.
  • Enhancement - By default Developers can have record edit permission.
  • Fix - Proper validation done on deleting fields used in conditional formatting.
  • Fix - Module change for CRM field is restricted in form definition.
  • Fix - Auto number field's intial value updation is restricted in form definition.
  • Fix - View fetch error occurred when related users field was used in view criteria, which has been fixed.
  • Fix - On user input for Users field was not working, it has been fixed.
  • Fix - No Duplicate Entry property supported for Users field.
  • Fix - In Translation under Setup Component, miscellaneous and mobile miscellaneous options are removed.

Thursday, March26, 2015

  • Enhancement - We have made security related improvements on Send Mail and Html View modules.
  • Enhancement - Default Roles label name is now modifiable.
  • Fix - Not able to duplicate the app if org user's field is present in the app. It has been fixed.
  • Fix - Save as new view not worked when ' isEmpty ' or ' isNotEmpty ' in search criteria for lookup fields enabled, it has been fixed.
  • Fix - Custom Action under edit menu repeated twice when a group of record has been selected.
  • Fix - Add/Edit/Delete Record Visibility permission for a published calender view were not reflected properly. Now it has been fixed.     

Tuesday, March10, 2015

  • Enhancement - PDF generation process is enhanced for better performance. It will be enabled automatically to your account after your beta period ends.

Wednesday, March04, 2015

  • Fix - Menu Left Alignment not captured in view definition, It has been fixed now.
  • Fix - 'null ' criteria not working properly in rules criteria, Now it is fixed.
  • Fix - Multi Byte Characters is supported in External Services such as support, SMS task.
  • Fix - CRM Custom function name with special characters caused malformed URLs, Now it has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in Record summary link for Inline Subform column has been fixed.
  • Fix - Field style properties(e.g  zc_InpFieldWidth ) were not working in mobile form, It has been fixed now.

Friday, February20, 2015

  • Enhancement - Single select and Multi-select fields in criteria builder is supported with 'is null' and 'is not null' options.
  • Fix - Disabling Lookup field while adding data through Add to parent link has issue, now it has been fixed.
  • Fix - The form with lookup field is nested as subform twice has an issue in adding data through Add to Parent link.
  • Fix - Brackets in integration task's param garbled if saved through script builder, it has been fixed now.

Friday, February13, 2015

  • Fix - Menu Alignment under display properties of view is not captured in view definition. Now it is supported.
  • Fix - In IE browser, the focus has been set to Rich Text Field by default, Now the focus it set to the first field in form.
  • Fix - Currency code for Zambia Kwacha has changed from "ZMK" to "ZMW".
  • Fix - Info task of functions were not displayed in form actions, Now it has been fixed.
  • Fix - In lookup search while searching with the value not available in the list selects unmatched value. It has been fixed.
  • Fix - In Customer Portal when multiple users imported only the last user was able to sign up properly,this issue has been fixed.

Friday, February06, 2015

  • Fix - Issue in On User Input of CRM field inside subform is fixed now.
  • Fix - Decesion Checkbox criteria issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Number of Users listing in Customer Portal page had a limitation to list 1000 users, now the restriction has been removed.
  • Fix - Rules with other language issue has been fixed.
  • Fix - Record Duplication issue due to sub-form has been fixed.
  • Fix - Record Edit shows empty pop up for the view with criteria Addeduser equals zoho.loginuser.
  • Enhancement -  Get record by ID is supported in Support Integration.

Monday, February02 , 2015

  • Fix - Zoho CRM fields and Zoho CRM ID as custom action parameter were received as null, that issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - Plain Text field shown in the column properties of duplicated view, which has been removed.
  • Fix - App which is published to client without source,could not be duplicated or restored by clients.

Friday, January24 , 2015

  • Fix - In Custom Action, display in "Edit Menu" deselected automatically after re-saving view definition, that issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix - CC and BCC in send mail task were not re-generated which has been fixed.
  • Fix - Issue in send mail task has been fixed when "To" address is a String variable which has multiple Email address separated by comma.
  • Fix - View fetch error occurred when lookup related field was used in criteria of custom action, which has been fixed.
  • Fix - Record Summary showing junk value for lookup based on number field which value is null.
  • Fix - Column width reset issue has beed fixed.

Wednesday, January21 , 2015

  • Enhancement - User interface of Backup and Restore in setup page is improved for more convenience access.
  • Enhancement - Search Supported in Backup List page.
  • Enhancement - Logs supported for Backup and Restored Apps.

Friday, January09 , 2015

  • Fix - Invalid Date and Date-time formats has been sent in email notification of rules, that has been fixed now.
  • Fix - Issue in setting value in add to parent form for combined look-up field which has Date field is now working properly.
  • Fix - For Org users new username has not reflected in user's default work space and their users.
  • Fix - Search in shared app listing page is now working for org account.
  • Fix - Error message will be thrown while deleting field which is referred in custom action from now onwards.
  • Fix - Import from cloud option in customer portal has been removed.
  • Fix - Issue in loading captcha in customer portal form is fixed now.
  • Fix - URL redirection after portal login is fixed.

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