The nextWeekDay() function takes an inputDate and returns the next immediate date that falls on the specified inputDay. For example, to get the next date that falls on a Monday, specify the inputDate as zoho.currentDate and inputDay as Monday.

Return Type

  • TEXT


<variable> = <inputDate>.nextWeekDay(<inputDay>);


<variable> = nextWeekDay(<inputDate>, <inputDay>);
ParameterData typeDescription
<variable>DATE-TIMEVariable which will contain the returned date.
<inputDate>DATE-TIMEThe input start date.

The text that represents the day on which the required date will fall.

Allowed Values:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday 
  • Saturday
Note: This function is not related to business days. inputDay param can take any day including weekends and return the next immediate date that falls on the specified day.


info zoho.currentdate.nextWeekDay("Monday"); // Considering current date is 20-Jul-2021, it returns 26-Jul-2021  
inputDate = '20-Jul-2021'; //Is a Tuesday 
info inputDate.nextWeekDay("Tuesday"); //Returns 27-Jul-2021

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