Understand blueprint field

Understand blueprint field

The stages created in a blueprint will be stored in the hidden system field called Blueprint_stages. This system field cannot be modified by deluge or through UI actions. The field will not be visible in the form. But we can add them in the report layouts and use them in criteria and apply conditional formatting.

As the stages are stored in the single system field, the stages created in one blueprint can be reused on other blueprints of the same form.. A stage can be deleted only if it isn’t used in other blueprints.

When the last blueprint in an application is deleted then you will be given an option to retain the stages. When this option is chosen then the stage values will be stored in the blueprint field. Later if these stage values can also be deleted by navigating to the associated blueprints section in the form builder. Learn more

Points to remember:

  1. Every stage created for the form will be stored in the hidden system field 'blueprint stage'. This stage can be added to the report layout and will be accessible in workflow criteria and deluge

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