Custom Duration Format

Zoho Analytics allows you to use and display the time duration period in various formats. This document explains the various time duration formats available, and how to construct them.

Customizing Duration Format  

You can customize the duration format at the Workspace level or at the Table level. 


The following table lists the supported strings to construct the duration format.

%sDuration in seconds
%SSSDuration in milliseconds
%SSSSSSDuration in microseconds
%mDuration in Minutes
%HDuration in Hours
%DDuration in Days


You can use any element as a separator for duration. You can also use a different separator for each element. The following are a few examples of standard patterns.

  • 45 days 18 hrs 31 mins 27 secs
  • 45 days 18:31:27
  • 45 days 18.31.27
  • 45.18:31:27


The following table lists examples of custom duration format.

Single Element
%s Sec13456829 Sec
%SSS Millisecond586 Millisecond
%SSSSSS Microsecond586709 Microsecond
%m mins86 mins
%H hrs234 hrs
%D days45 days
Seconds And Millisecond or Microsecond
Hours and Minutes
%H hrs %m mins234 hrs 33 mins
Hours, Minutes and Seconds​
%H hrs %m mins %s secs234 hrs 33 mins 44 secs
%H h %m m %s s234 h 33 m 44 s
Days and Hours
%D Days %H hrs45 days 18 hrs
Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds
%D days %H hrs %m mins %s secs45 days 18 hrs 31 mins 27 secs
%D Days %H:%m:%s45 days 18:31:27
In Swap Position
%m mins %H hrs %D days31 mins 18 hrs  45 days


Note: While importing duration data into Zoho Analytics, ensure the duration format is specified as in your source data. You can later change this in your table as needed.

Format Column

Zoho Analytics auto identifies the data type and its format while importing. Ensure the duration format is displayed as in your source data. You can also change this format when needed.

  1. Right- click the duration column and select Format Column from the drop- down menu.
  2. In the Fomat column dialog that opens, Choose the Alignment
  3. Choose the preferred format from  the list or enter the duration format in the given field.

Edit Duration Values

Follow the below steps to edit a column that has duration values:

  1. Double - click on any cell that contains duration data.
  2. Click the Duration icon and modify the values as needed. You can also view the full duration value, irrespective of the format chosen.