Manage Users

Managing Users

Organization Model

Zoho Analytics allows you to manage your account and collaborate with your colleagues and users with a segregated space called Organization. The Account Administrator of the organization is allowed to control the permissions, add/delete the users in his organization and manage the subscription of his organization account.

Collaboration in Zoho Analytics happens through sharing. When you share a report, the shared users will be able to access the report from your organization by logging into their account. Zoho Analytics provides a role-based access control. Each role has a set of permission that allows you to perform only specific tasks in Zoho Analytics.

Each Organization account falls under a plan. You can check the plan of your Organization by clicking on the Settings link on the top right corner, once you log into Zoho Analytics. Your account space (rows, users, Workspaces, scheduled imports etc) depends on the plan that you have subscribed for. The number of users with whom you can share your reports and dashboards privately depends on your plan`s user limit

Click here to learn more about Managing Organizations.

The Administrator of my Organization has purchased a paid plan. But my account is still in a free plan. Why?

The subscription of an account is associated along with the organization. Therefore you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the paid plan as long as you are in the organization that has been shared to you by the Account Administrator. If you have created a new Organization then the subscription of your Organization account will be applied to it. 

User Roles in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics has a role-based access control. They are types of role are captured in the below table. 


Account Administrator is the person who owns the Zoho Analytics account and has the authority to perform all possible operations available. This includes creating an Organization, Workspace, creating reports/dashboards, managing users, sharing reports, managing subscription etc.

There can be only one administrator for an account.

Organization Administrator is the person who is the admin of an organization in Zoho Analytics. An Organization Administrator has access to all the workspaces within the organization. An Organization Administrator can perform all the operations inside their Organization except add, activate, and deactivate another Organization Administrator.

The Organization Administrator can only be added by the Account Administrator. Refer to the topic Managing Organizations to learn how to add an Organization Administrator to an account. 

This option is available only from the Standard plan and above.


Workspace Administrator (previously known as Database Owner) is the person who is the admin of a specific Workspace(s) in a Zoho Analytics Organization. A Workspace Administrator can perform all the operations in a Workspace, except deleting or renaming the Workspace, and backing up the Workspace. 

The Workspace Administrator can be added by the Account Administrator and the Organization Administrator. Refer to the topic Multiple Workspace Administrator to learn how to add a Workspace Administrator to an account.

This option is available only from the Standard plan and above.


User is a person who can access the Organization, shared with him/her by one of the Administrators or Users.

Users can access the shared information only by logging in to his/her account in Zoho Analytics. Click to learn about "Sharing and Collaboration".

Viewer(s) - Viewer(s) can access the views shared to them by one of the Administrators or Users, in read-only mode.

Managing Users 

1. How do I manage Users in my Organization?

You can manage all users in your organization from the Manage Users tab in the account Settings page. Follow the below steps to do so.

  1. Login to your Zoho Analytics account at
  2. Click the Setup icon at the top right.
  3. The Settings page will open. Click Manage Users tab. 
  4. All users will be listed here. You can add, remove, change role, activate and deactivate users from here. 

2. How do I add a user?

3. How do I activate/deactivate a user?

Follow the below steps to activate a user.

  1. Open the Settings page. Click the Manage Users tab. 
  2. All the users will be listed here. Click the Active/inActive toggle button to activate or deactivate the user. 

4. How do I change a user role?

Follow the below steps to change the user role. 

  1. Open the Settings page. Click the Manage Users tab. 
  2. All users will be listed. Select the users for whom you want to change the role and  the click Change Role button in the toolbar. 
  3. You can also hover the mouse over the user for whom you want to change role. 
  4. Click the Change Role link that appears. 
  5. The Change Role dialog will open. In the Role field, select the user role as needed. 
  6. Click Apply. The role will be modified. 

5. I have added users/viewers in my organization, but they do not see any report. Why?

When you add a user or viewer in your organization, they will be added as a user in the organization. However, to grant access to views in your workspaces you need to specifically share this to them. Refer to Sharing and Collaboration section to know more on this. 

6. Can my Workspace Administrator create new workspace?

No, Workspace Administrator(s) cannot create a workspace. Only the Account Administrator and Organization Administrator(s) can create a workspace. 

7. How do I delete a user?

You can remove the users from your organization by following the steps below.

  1. Open the Settings page. Click the Manage Users tab. 
  2. All users will be listed.
  3. Select the users you want to delete. 
  4. Click the Delete button. Users will be deleted. 

User Limit

Zoho Analytics pricing model is structured based on the number of private users with whom you collaborate. Any user with whom you privately share your data (tables, reports, dashboards and Workspaces) from your account is considered as a User for your account. 

Zoho Analytics has a user limit based on your subscription plan. You can check your plan by clicking on the Settings link on the top right corner, once you log into Zoho Analytics. In Zoho Analytics pricing model the Account Administrator and the Workspace Administrator are also considered as Users (refer to this section to know about adding a User).


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