Data/Column Types in Zoho Analytics

Data Type/Column Type of a column in a Table defines the nature of values a column could contain and the operations that could be done over the same. Eg., an Age column could be "Positive Number" type. This column can contain only positive numbers and you could apply arithmetic operations over the same.

The data type of a column also determines the formatting options that are possible for displaying the values in the column in various reports created in Zoho Analytics. To learn about changing the data type of a column, refer to this document.

Note: While importing data into Zoho Analytics, the data type of the data being imported will be automatically identified by Zoho Analytics using different heuristics. Users always have the choice to overwrite the data type.

Zoho Analytics supports the following data types (column types) currently.



Data TypeDescription
Plain TextHolds a line of simple text that contains less than 100 characters
Multi Line TextHolds multiple lines of text. This data type can hold text of more than 100 characters
E-mailHolds an Email Address
URLHolds a clickable Hyperlink / Web URL address. eg.,


Auto NumberHolds auto generated incremental numeric values, which are unique. This would be helpful when you need to have a unique identifier associated to each row/record in the table.
Auto Number column value starts with 1 and each new value will be incremented by 1. Auto Number values will always be unique
NumberHolds an integer value (both positive and negative values)
Positive NumberHolds only positive integer values
Decimal NumberHolds decimal values (both positive and negative)
CurrencyHolds a currency value in different country denominations
PercentageHolds a percentage value

Geo Location

ContinentHolds the names of continents or their codes.
CountryHolds the names of countries or their codes (Alpha-2 code and Alpha-3 code).
State/ProvinceHolds the names of state or province.
CountyHolds the names of counties.
DistrictHolds the names of districts.
CityHolds the names of cities.
Zip CodeHolds the postal code of the location or place
AirportHolds the IATA's 3 letter unique code
LatitudeHolds the latitude of a location
LongitudeHolds the longitude of a location


DateHolds Date and Time value
DurationHolds time duration value
Decision BoxHolds a binary value eg., Yes/No, True/False, On/Off
Looked Up ColumnRefers to a column value in another table. Helps to relate two tables. Click to know How to create a Lookup Column.

Formatting Columns

Zoho Analytics offers options to change the format of a column like an alignment, decimal places, date formats, currency symbol etc., depending on its data type. Using these options you can choose how you would like to have your column data displayed in your table.

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Marking Columns as Personally Identifiable Information

Zoho Analytics allows you to mark columns as Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This could be any information that could potentially identify an individual, for example. Name, Email, Job role and Company name etc. When a column is marked as PII, additional care will be taken in handling such data. The data will be encrypted and saved in our servers. The below-animated image shows how to mark a column as PII.

Alternatively, you can also click the Edit Design button in the toolbar and change the value of the corresponding Column Name to 'Yes' under the Is Personal Data? column.

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