Training Ask Zia

Training Ask Zia

Ask Zia natural language interface understands your data model to answer your questions appropriately. However, it may not interpret every domain-specific terminals (language parols).  In such scenarios, you can train Ask Zia to learn your domain-specific skills to answer your questions.

In this section let's see how to train Ask Zia.

Customization Options

Ask Zia customization options fall into three categories. They are:


When you draft a question, the business term you use may differ from the column name from which you want to fetch data. The Synonyms option helps you to bridge this difference. This allows you to map the terms in natural language with the corresponding column in your data set.

For example, in a Sales data set you might ask for the Revenue Trend. Your actual column name with revenue data is Amount. The Synonyms allows you to specify that the term Revenue is equivalent for the Amount. Now, Ask Zia will get the data from the column Amount whenever you ask for the revenue.

To specify synonyms for a column, right-click the column and then select Ask Zia Settings

The Ask Zia Settings dialog will open. Specify the Synonyms. You can specify any number of synonyms.  

You can also invoke the Ask Zia settings from the Table Edit Design or Ask Zia Interface

Column Priority

This option lets you specify the priority in which the column should be considered by Ask Zia. Let's say you have multiple columns with similar names in your Workspace, Ask Zia will use the value in this option to rank the column to answer your question. You can set the priority from high to low. 

Default Function

Zoho Analytics provides a wide range of summary functions like Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max, etc., to summarize data in your report. When you use a column in your question, Ask Zia will try to apply the best possible function over your column. This can be overwritten using the Default Function option.

For example, you Ask Zis to show the Monthly Sales,  by default Ask Zia will get the summation of sales across monthly as the answer. The Default Function allows you to change this and set your own function such as Average, Minimum or Maximum as default function for the column. 


The functions set here can be overwritten in your question by explicitly specifying another function. For example, you have set the default function to Average. But you Ask Zia What is the Total Sales. Now Ask Zia will get the summation of Sales

Invoking Ask Zia Settings

You can invoke the Ask Zia Settings dialog from one of the following interface.

 From Ask Zia Interface

Follow the below steps to invoke the Ask Zia Settings from the Ask Zia interface.

  1.  Click the settings icon at the top right of Ask Zia screen. 
  2.  The Ask Zia Settings dialog will open. Expand the table and select the appropriate column from the left panel. 
  3. Modify the settings and click Save

Using Table Edit Design

Follow the below steps to customize the settings using Table Edit Design.

  1. Open the table and click Edit Design
  2. Modify the Synonyms, Default Function and Column Priority field sections.
  3. Click Save.

Using Column Settings

You can also invoke the Ask Zia Settings using column settings. Follow the below steps to do this.

  1. Open the table. 
  2. Right-click the column and then select Ask Zia Settings
  3. The Ask Zia Settings dialog will open. Customize the setting.
  4. Click Save.

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