Zia Insights

Deciphering insights in reports could be tedious. Zia Insights helps understand the relationships (correlations) in the data, highlights the key points like trends, outliers, and top contributing measures, and also predicts future outcomes based on the past data.

This help section briefs the following:

Note: Currently, Zia Insights is available in English language and in Spanish language for selective users. The support for other languages will be made available subsequently. To try Zia Insights in Spanish language, please mail us at support@zohoanalytics.com.

Pricing Plan

Zia Insights is available for the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Invoking Zia Insights

You can invoke the Zia Insights either from the individual report or from reports embedded in a dashboard. 

Access to Zia Insights

The Account, Organization and the Workspace admins can access Zia Insights. They can also grant permission to other users while sharing the reports and dashboards, or when they create specific roles.

From Report

Clicking the Zia Insights button at the top-right will get you the automatic insights displayed on the right side of the report. 

From Dashboard

Clicking the Zia icon from the toolbar of a report (embedded within the dashboard) will also get you the automatic insights of the report.

Types of Insights

The following are some of the types of insights you will get from Zia Insights. 

Inclining and Declining

Highlights the highest inclining and declining points. 

Trend and Seasonality

Gets the trend and seasonality present in the series. 

Predictive Analysis

Predicts the future outcomes and performances based on the past data.

  1. Forecast Insights will be generated for any timeseries data that has a minimum of six continuous data points.
  2. The forecast insights are provided only for medium and high verbosity narratives.
  3. Forecast insights will be generated for reports irrespective of whether you have applied forecasting in your reports or not. In both cases, three predictions will be generated.
  4. The Settings specified in the Forecast section while creating a report will be used to generate Zia Insights. For example, if you choose the Forecast Model to be Exponential Smoothing, then the Zia Insights for forecast will be generated based on the same model.

Pareto Analysis

Gets the top few categories that contribute to the total. 

Variance Analysis

Gets the data set deviation behaviour.

Comparison Analysis

Gets the comparison between two or more values in the data sets.

Outlier Analysis

Gets the anomalous values from the data set.

Average Insights

Gets the average value from the data set.

Dynamic Insights based on Legend 

Legends represent different categories or groups within the data. Zia insights provides dynamic information based on the legend filter to help you know how different categories perform in relation to each other.

Customizing Zia Insights

Zoho Analytics provides the following customizing options. 


Zia Insights supports the following languages. 

  • English
  • Spanish

By default, the language will be selected based on your local language settings. You can customize it by clicking the Language icon and selecting the required language. 


The Verbosity option allows you to customize the narrative insights. Zia Insights supports three levels of narration. They are:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


The Low gets directly inferable insights from the report. 


The Medium will add date as an additional dimension to the report and get insights based on time series and seasonality. 

Note: If a formula column is part of the report, then the date series will not be added to the report. This is to avoid incorrect insight. 


In the High mode, along with the time series insights, you will get insights for each sub-section. 

Explain Data - Zia Insights

The Explain Data - Zia Insights feature provides information related to the selected data point in the report. This helps in identifying significant changes or anomalies in the data.

For example, for a chart that displays the sales across the years by region, enabling Explain Data - Zia Insights for the year 2022 will display insights on sales based on the quarterly breakdown of sales for that year.

Invoking Explain Data - Zia Insights

  1. Open the report in view mode.
  2. Click any data point in the report and select Explain Data - Zia Insights.

  3. Insights for the selected data point will be displayed in the right.