Understand account setup

This help page is for users in Creator 5. If you are in the newer version (Creator 6), click here. Know your Creator version.


Account setup is the place to configure/modify your account related information. To access account settings, click  icon in the top right corner of your home page.


The table below lists and explains the features that can be managed from the account setup page.


SectionWhat you can do

Personal details: View and manage basic profile information.

Company details: View and manage your company information.

Updates: View and try the updates before they are formally rolled out.

Email Management: Add and manage email addresses and custom domains.

Workspace: View and set your default workspace.

Users and Management

Users: Add, view and manage the users in your account.

Groups: Create and manage your user groups.

Data administration

Backup Apps: Take a backup of your application and restore it whenever required.

Usage details: View the usage count of different elements in your account.


Connections: Add and manage your connections with various cloud services.

Zoho Directory: View and manage your admin activities


Developer zone: Create and publish applications to your clients/marketplace.

My Developers: View the developers of your installed marketplace apps.


Custom Apps: Search and select custom apps published in the marketplace. Install them in your Creator account for your business requirements.

Extensions: Explore extensions that are pre-built components of applications, published in the marketplace. Install them in your Creator account and use them in tandem with your apps.


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