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My Applications page

The first thing you see after logging into your Zoho Creator account is the My Applications page. This page has the following options:

  1. + New Application: Clicking on this button allows you to create a new application from scratch or install one of the pre-built applications from the gallery.
  2. Import a File : This option allows you to import a file which is then transformed into a Zoho Creator Application.
  3. There is a dropdown of applications based on the option selected.
    • All my applications lists all applications in your account.
    • Owned by me lists the applications created by you.
    • Shared with me lists the applications which have been shared with you.
    • Shared with my groups lists the applications which have been shared with a group you are a member of.
  4. Search bar: Search for the required application. As you type the application name in the search bar, the filtered applications will start to appear.

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