Upgrade to Creator 6

Upgrading to Creator 6

Note: The upgrade process is irreversible. Once you upgrade to C6, it will not be possible to revert back to the old version.

This document teaches how to upgrade to C6 and lists the factors that prevent you from upgrading your account. Here you can get to know on how to resolve the issues and proceed to upgrade.

To upgrade your account:

  1. Go to Zoho Creator home page.
  2. Click on Setup icon. The Account Setup page will appear.
  3. Click on Workspaces. A list of your workspaces will be displayed.
  4. Navigate to the required workspace and click the Check for update button.

  5. The update eligibility popup will appear
    • Ineligible - The account cannot be updated due to four factors: Old pricing, Old sharing , Zoho One and Zoho Creator Plus association. Learn more

    • Eligible - The account is eligible and you can contact the Zoho Creator Support to update to the new version.

  6. Our Support team will enable the 'Upgrade to New Creator' option to your account.
  7. Click on the Upgrade to New Creator button that is available alongside the workspace.

  8. The upgrade pop-up will appear with the list of factors that prevent you from upgrading.

  9. Click on the in-line Resolve button. The details of the issue are displayed along with the action to be taken.

    Note: The Download link available in each of the pop-up will enable you to download data associated with that issue. You can download if for backup or future reference.
  10. Proceed to perform the action.
  11. Resolve all the issues for the Upgrade button to be enabled.
  12. Click the Upgrade button. Your account will successfully be upgraded to Creator 6.


The following are the restrictions that you are likely to encounter:

  • Users with account level permissions - The new version does not recognize the permission sets(Create application, Account setup and Subscriptions) that are available in C5. To proceed, revoke these permissions granted to users.
  • Inactive users in applications - Deactivated users are present in some of the applications of the account. These users cannot be migrated to C6. To proceed, delete all the deactivated users.
  • Group sharing in applications - Groups and group sharing of applications is not supported in C6. To proceed, delete group sharing of the applications.
  • Domain sharing in applications - Sharing of the application to any domain is not available in C6. To proceed, delete domain sharing of the applications.
  • Sandbox enabled in applications - Sandbox has been enabled in some applications of the account. Sandbox changed cannot be updated in the new version while upgrading. To proceed, you can either publish all the changes and get back to upgrading, or delete sandbox in applications where it has been enabled.
  • Yearly backup schedules in the account - Yearly backup schedules are not available in C6. To proceed, delete scheduled yearly backup.
  • Applications created by other users in the account - Will be moved under superadmin's scope and the created user will be moved as a normal user into the application in the new version.

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