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Deluge Editor

The Deluge editor offers a wide range of operations that can be performed in terms of ease of use, feature exploration and accelerate coding speed.

Color schemes

Deluge editor provides distinction between the various language components using a unique color for each component. It also aids in error-free scripting.

  • Keywords - info , alert , return
  • Variables/ Built-in function/ custom function names- textVariable , containsIgnoreCase ,getClientEmail()
  • Constants/values- 100002 (number), {"name":"john"} (json/text), true (constant),"box_connection"(connection link name)

Using tasks

  • Drag and Drop

    Deluge mainly functions using tasks. As much as Deluge is a text-based free-style scripting language, it allows scripting by dragging tasks and dropping them onto the editor's scripting area.
    Drag and drop tasks

  • Double Click

    Tasks can be populated from the task tiles to the left by doing a double-click on the desired task.
    Double click tasks

Keyboard shortcuts


  • Save script

    Deluge editor allows users to persist their script by saving it.

    Mac Icon⌘ + S
    Windows IconCtrl + S
    Save script
  • Execute script

    Deluge editor allows users to dry run their scripts using static values. Zoho Cliq has a unique way of executing Deluge statements through the chat window as commands.

    Mac Icon⌘ + E
    Windows IconCtrl + E

    ​​​​​Execute using Zoho Creator
    Execute script

    Execute using Zoho Cliq
    Execute script in Zoho Cliq

  • Comment/uncomment script

    It is possible to have lines of code in between scripts that will be ignored by Deluge. These are comments and they are facilitated using shortcut keys in Deluge.

    Mac Icon⌘ + /
    Windows IconCtrl + /
    ​​Comment or uncomment statements
  • Auto suggestion

    Deluge editor provides sophisticated means to find available actions (tasks) with the help of shortcut keys. Also, the "." (dot) operator placed after a value allows users to explore related methods and related values.

    Mac Iconspacebar + ⌃
    Windows Iconspacebar + ⌃

    ​Task Suggestion
    Task suggestion

    Related function suggestion
    Related functions

  • Hint Tags

    With Deluge, there is never the bother of the number and type of parameters that should be supplied to tasks and functions. Hints(placeholders) put up in the right places assist easy scripting. The Deluge editor facilitates toggling between hints using shortcut keys.

    Action: Next hint

    Mac Icon⌘ + .
    Windows IconCtrl + .

    Action: Previous hint

    Mac Icon⌘ + ,
    Windows IconCtrl + ,

    Toggle between hints
  • Find/replace value(s)

    Find values, variables, text across the editor using keyboard shortcuts.

    Action: Find

    Mac Icon⌘ + F
    Windows IconCtrl + F

    Action: Find and replace

    Mac Icon⌘ + ⌥ + F
    Windows IconCtrl + Alt + F

    Find and replace
  • Navigating to a line

    Deluge Editor allows navigating to a desired line of a script using keyboard shortcuts.

    A small input box props up and once you enter the line number and hit return (Mac) / Enter (Windows), the cursor in the scripting area will position itself to the start of the desired line.

    ⌘ + L
    Ctrl + L

    Navigate to a line
  • Action: Undo/redo action(s)

    It is possible to undo or redo changes as required using keyboard shortcuts. All succeeding and preceding action(s) tracing back to the first or last action can be undone or redone.

    Action: Undo an action

    ⌘ + Z
    Ctrl + Z

    Action: Redo an action

    ⌘ + ⇧ + Z
    Ctrl + ⇧ + Z
    Undo or redo changes
  • Delete statement(s)

    Deluge editor provides for deleting one or more statements at a time through shortcut keys.

    ⌘ + D
    Ctrl + D
    Delete statement(s)
  • Convert values to text

    Deluge editor allows formatting of data into text format through simple keyboard shortcuts.

    ⇧ + "
    ⇧ + "
    Convert to text
  • Smart edit

    Imagine you have a variable used in many instances in your script and you are required to rename it in every place it is put. Deluge editor allows you to place cursors at multiple instances and facilitate multiple edits in one shot.

    ⌘ + click (or tap)
    Ctrl + click (or left click)

    Edit multiple instances


Below are the utilities that are available with the Deluge Editor. Only a few of them are common across editors of all services.

  • View logs (Zoho Cliq)

    It is possible to view logs of previous executions of commands in Zoho Cliq.View execution logs

  • Script Versions (Zoho Creator)

    Zoho Creator maintains versions of Deluge scripts stored in Custom functions, Workflows and the like. Users are allowed to toggle between the different versions.Versioning your scripts

  • Refer fields (Zoho Creator)

    Refer fields reduces time required to search for form field names and custom functions by supplying them upfront for reference in the editor.Help with form fields and function

  • View JSON responses (Zoho Cliq)

    Zoho Cliq provides for viewing JSON responses received in the response. It also provides for pretty print and copying the response.View json pretty responses

  • Syntax assist 

    Syntax assist helps new programmers or first time programmers assign predefined values and facilitate error-free scripting. This is enabled when Syntax Assist is turned on in the editor.

    Syntax assist on auto-complete (Zoho Creator)
    Self-learning mode

    Syntax assist on static script (Zoho Creator)
    Edit syntax using help

    Syntax assist (services other than Zoho Creator)

    • When the syntax assist is turned on, the assist form will be displayed by default on drag and drop or autocompletion of a Deluge task.Edit syntax using help
    • When the syntax assist is turned off, hover over the line number and click on the pencil icon to display the assist form.Edit syntax using help

    The following tasks support syntax assist:

  • Connections

    Connections are what are pivotal to the Deluge Editor. They integrate Zoho services with one another and also with third parties. This helps leverage the full potential of customisation in Zoho services.Create a connection to Twitter

  • Support

    It is possible to provide feedback and receive help instantaneously using the support feature.Provide feedback or suggestions or report issues

Connections page in Deluge Editor

  • Click "Connections" on the top right corner to navigate to the Connections page.Drag and drop tasks

  • You can also type <connection> in the Deluge editor and click on it to get the list of available connections in the service. Clicking on Manage will open the Connections page.Drag and drop tasks

Deluge editor for Custom functions

Deluge editor provides for customisation through Deluge scripting. It predominantly allows persistence (save) and execution of deluge scripts. They also vary in the way they allow execution and saving of deluge scripts. Though the features remain the same, certain Zoho services have given it a personalised touch that makes them stand out from each other. Below are layouts of the various such Zoho services.

Related links

    • Zoho Cliq

      Zoho Cliq has a very unique way of Deluge script execution. Execution is effected through slash commands in the chat window.Execute script in Zoho Cliq

    • Zoho Books

      Zoho Books has an interesting feature where the required settings or required operational values are made available as default parameters (as a Map generally). This saves a lot time having to lookup values from settings and elsewhere.Custom functions in Zoho Books

    • Zoho Billing/ Zoho Inventory

      Zoho Billing and Zoho Inventory combine workflows and custom functions into a single screen enabling mapping custom functions on predefined or custom workflows.Custom functions in Zoho Books

    • Zoho Sheets

      Zoho Sheets allows creating custom functions to operate on arguments from the sheet. Zoho Sheets allows creating custom functions and to toggle between them from a single page.Custom functions in Zoho Sheets

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