Introduction to Commands

What are commands?

Commands are great time savers that lets you perform tasks right within your chat window. For example, /pin helps you to pin your chat under My Pins or /mute will mute a selected chat or channel. 

Ideally there are three types of commands that are available:

  • System Commands (Built-in)
  • Custom Commands (Commands that you build!)
  • Cliq Application Commands ( Commands available through an application)​​

How can you build a Custom Command?

Build a custom command that can effectively carry out your tasks. These commands will be executed by invoking a deluge function. Here's where you can learn how the command execution works. 

Format of a command:

True to their name, slash commands begin with a slash (/) followed by the command name and additional text that is optional. A list of  25 commands arranged alphabetically will be visible when a user types  /  in the text box. The rest of the commands can be searched in the Search Command box in the Integrations Page. A list of all the commands created by you will be listed under My Commands. The All Commands section will have the list of all commands created by members of your organization. 

/CommandName arguments(Optional) Options(Optional)

For example, a user can know the traffic details from one location to another with the help of  the command  /traffic . This command has the options -to and -from for the user to enter the locations. When the user hits enter, the command is executed to display the traffic details. 

The command should look like this : ​/traffic​ ​-to "San Diego International Airport" ​-from "Pleasanton" and upon executing will give the traffic details. An example of the /traffic command execution is given below. Refer the command execution handler for a sample syntax of the /traffic command.

  • Upon typing the command name, command options will be shown at the bottom end.How to use a slash command in Cliq?
  •  Type -to followed by the location to be reached and -from followed by the current location.Slash command syntax in Cliq
  • On clicking enter, the command execution result will be displayed. Cliq Slash Command Response

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