What are the basic Commands available in Cliq?

What are the basic Commands available in Cliq?

 Slash Commands are the shortcuts for those who prefer the command language. You can use the following slash commands in the text area for the mentioned actions:

  • /title: The title of a group chat can be changed. e.g., /title april stats update 
  • /pin: The chat will be pinned.
  • /unpin: The chat will be unpinned.
  • /leave: This command works only in a channel. This is used to leave a Channel.
  • /feedbacks: To enter feedbacks directly from chat window.           
         Input: /feedback(space)text
     Example: /feedback Hi team, I love Cliq and it's an awesome product!
  • /mail: Mail the transcript of the chat to the user. To enable this, type the mail command followed by space and the contact name. By default the last 50 messages will be mailed.

                Additional options (-lines, -m, -sub) can be used to facilitate the mail in a more detailed manner.
Input: /mail(space)@name(space)-lines(space)number(space)-m(space)message(space)-sub(space)subject 
Example :/mail @John George -lines 6 -sub Meeting on Leads acquisition

OptionsInput typeDescription
-linesNumberThe expressed number of lines will be mailed
-mText (max 50 characters)To enter a message along with chat transcript
-subText (max 30 characters)To enter the subject of the mail
  • /mute: The chat will be muted forever.

        Additional options (-h, -d) can be used to facilitate the mute in a more detailed manner. If both -h and -d are given, then only the value of -h will be executed.

                Input: /mute(space)-h(space)number(space)-d(space)number
  Example: /mute -h 5 -d 2

Options   Input type    Description
-hNumberThe chat will be muted for specified number of hours
-dNumberThe chat will be muted for specified number of day


#1. Default mail command executed    
Cliq offers a few basic commands.

#2. Few default commands executed
 Cliq offers few basic commands.



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