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Pre-defined integrations with Zoho services

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Deluge offers around 260 built-in integrations with 35 Zoho services. This means you can effortlessly access and modify your data held by these services from a single point without having to toggle between them.
Learn how to set up these integration tasks.

What are integration tasks and when to use them?

Integration tasks facilitate transferring and synchronizing your data stored across different Zoho services. They provide accessibility by allowing you to fetch, modify, and delete your data. Here are a few scenarios when integration tasks come handy:


Zoho Desk - Zoho Projects: You can add a ticket created in Zoho Desk as a task in Zoho Projects using zoho.projects.createRecord task.
  • Zoho Mail - Zoho Cliq: You can post the content of all the emails received from a specified email address to one of your Zoho Cliq channels using zoho.cliq.postToChannel task.
  • Zoho CRM - Zoho Sign: You can download a license agreement from Zoho Sign and add as attachment in Zoho CRM Deals module using zoho.sign.downloadDocument and zoho.crm.attachFile tasks.
  • Zoho Connect - Zoho Cliq: You can post a custom message in a Zoho Cliq's bot whenever an event is created using zoho.cliq.postToBot task.
  • Zoho Sheet - Zoho CRM: You can write formulas in Zoho Sheet to auto-populate columns based on Zoho CRM data using zoho.crm.searchRecords task.
  • Zoho Writer - Zoho People: You can share a Zoho Writer document to the list of employees fetched from Zoho People using zoho.writer.shareDocument and zoho.people.getRecords tasks.

Integration tasks' structure:

The syntax for integration tasks follows a certain structure and Deluge editor's auto-complete feature guides you in writing them by listing the supported services and actions as you type.



  • <service> is the name of the service whose data you need to access or modify
  • <action> is the integration task name that describes the operation that needs to be done
  • <parameters> are the comma-separated values that are required to perform the task.

What's underneath?

Integration tasks serve as wrappers of the respective service's REST APIs. Simply put, integration tasks are simplified API calls. On the surface layer, you are using simple pre-defined tasks, but in the backend, we trigger the respective API calls. For example, if you execute Zoho CRM get records integration task, you are indirectly performing an API call to its corresponding API endpoint.

Note: These API calls are deducted from your overall external calls limit that is provided for your Creator plan.

Want more than the built-ins?

We have picked the most popular API endpoints from 25 services and offered them as integration tasks. If you want to access the REST APIs for which Deluge does not provide wrappers, you can still do it by creating custom integrations using invoke URL and connections.

List of integration tasks

The following is the list of all the available Deluge integration tasks:

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