Customizing Geo Charts

Zoho Analytics provides extensive possibilities to customize the map settings. This section discusses the different options available in Zoho Analytics to customize the appearance of a Map view.


The General Settings tab help you modify the Title, add description about the map view that is created. You can also choose whether or not to display the missing values.

Follow the below steps to customize Map settings,

  1. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  2. The General settings tab will open. You can modify the settings as needed.
  3. Click Apply.

Map Chart Settings


You can choose the Background for the chart you create or use custom image to analyze data. The following are the options available to customize the backgrounds of the views you create.

  • Map Themes
  • Image
Map Themes

You can switch between different Themes while creating a map view.

  • Light: Applies a light grey color to the water areas and white color to the land areas.
  • Dark:  Applies a dark grey color to water and white color to land.
  • Blue: Applies a light blue color to water and white color to land.
  • Custom: Applies a darker shade of the selected color to water and light shade to land.
  • Satellite: Applies a satellite map.

The Invert Color toggle button when enabled, switches the water area color with the land area color and vice versa.

Follow the below steps to customize the theme of the map view

  1. Open the chart you want to customize. 
  2. Click Settings > Maps
  3. Choose the preferred theme.

Display Country Map

Zoho Analytics offers two map projections to plot data on a map view. You can choose the projection based on your needs.

Mercator Projection : This is a conformal cylindrical projection that is widely used and is the default projection used while creating a map view in Zoho Analytics. By default, the world (all the countries) map will be displayed. You can choose a specific country map to be on display.

To display a specific country map,

  1. Select the Display Specific Country Map checkbox
  2. Click the All Countries drop-down menu.
  3. Select the countries for which the map should be displayed.


Albers USA Projection: This could be the ideal choice for visualizing US-centric data, as it shows Alaska and Hawaii in close proximity to the other states.

Follow the below steps to apply Albers USA projection,

  1. Select the Display Specific Country Map checkbox
  2. Click the drop-down icon and select Albers USA Projection from the list.
  3. Click Apply.

Note: If the data has values of other countries, Zoho Analytics will display only the US data and ignore the other countries data.

Display State Map

Zoho Analytics allows you to display the targeted state maps within the selected country. By visualizing geographical data on these state maps, a more impactful analysis of specific regions becomes possible.

Follow the below steps to display state map.

  • Select the Display Specific Country Map checkbox.
  • Select the type of Projection from the projections drop-down.
  • From the Countries drop-down, select the Country which you want to visualize.
  • The State drop-down shows the list of states in the selected country. You can select one or more states from the list.

  • Click on the checkbox Display the entire country map, to showcase the political representation of the state map within the encompassing country map.

In the following map we have analyzed the Followers based on Location in the North Eastern parts of United States of America.

Data Label - This option allows you to add the Y-axis value as data label on the map chart. You can also customize the font of the data label.

Marker Type - You can customize the Markers used to denote locations. You can choose your preferred marker from the list. This option is applicable only for Map - Scatter Chart.

Maker Fill Color - You can choose the color in which the marker should be displayed.

Heat Radius (applicable for Geo Heat Map chart) - This option allows you to specify a boundary to combine the data points for heat calculation. 
Heat Intensity (applicable for Geo Heat Map chart) - This option allows you to specify the percentage to intensify the heat of the chart. 
Heat Opacity (applicable for Geo Heat Map chart) - This option allows you to customize the opacity (transparency) of the heat map. 


You can modify the Format of the columns used in the reports whenever needed.


Legend Settings

The legend in a chart provides a quick overview of the different data series involved in the chart along with the color associated with each series. Legend consists of Legend Title and Legend Items. Each legend item consists of a colored box that indicates the data series and the name of the data series.

In Zoho Analytics, by default, the legend will be placed on the right side of the chart and legend items will be added to it depending on the data series involved in the chart. You can customize the legend position, legend title, legend filters and the colors of each data series easily.

The following table describes the options available in the Legend tab:

Legend PositionThis option allows you to set the position of the Legend in a chart. Supported positions are:
  • Hide
  • Auto
  • Right
  • Left
  • Top-Left
  • Top-Center
  • Top-Right
  • Bottom-Left
  • Bottom-Center
  • Bottom-Right

This option has two fields. 

The checkbox allows you to show or hide the legend title. 

In the text field, you can change the default title of the legend. You can also customize the font style of the legend title.

FontUsing this option you to customize the font style of the legend items.
Legend Style

Specify whether to display the legend items with or without the corresponding values. 

You can also customize the format to display data using the Format link. 

Legend Filters Select this option to enable legend items to act as filters in chart view mode. This allows users to dynamically filter the data series using the legend items. 
Refer here to know how to use the Legend filters to filter a data series.
Palette TypeSelect the Palette type. Zoho Analytics offers three types of palettes. They are:
  • Solid Color
  • Monochrome
  • Gradient
Color Palette

Select the color palette to apply color for your data series. 

You can also select a color palette based on the palette type that is selected. Zoho Analytics has a predefined set of color palettes that you can choose from. Apart from this, you can also add new color palettes.


Using this option, you can override the colors of the individual series of the chart. Once you override the palette, you will find the following options. 

  • Use Palette Colors  - Click this to reset the color to the selected palette. 
  • Save as New Palette - Click this to save the selected colors as a new palette for the workspace.