OpenAPI Specification


The OpenAPI Specification is a standard format to define structure and syntax REST APIs. Zoho Creator APIs are described using OpenAPI version 3.0 in order to enable anyone to easily determine how each API works. The OpenAPI specification file, which you can download below, can be used to interact with API elements.

The major areas of focus of the OAS would be:

  • Endpoints(request URL, request method) and the HTTP methods they support. All parameters that may or must be included in the request and the response formats for the possible HTTP response codes are specified.
  • Components, such as common request parameters and response formats, that can be used across multiple endpoints in the API.
  • Meta information, including the title, version, and description of the API, and authentication method.


The Swagger UI tool allows users to visualize and interact with the API in a format that’s easy to read and understand. The Swagger Hub and Swagger Editor are the de-facto editor tool for designing and working with APIs using OpenAPI Specification

For further reference:


Download OAS

Zoho Creator uses OAS to describe the functionality and actions of each API in a format that can be used across various programming languages. All of Creator's API have been described in the OpenAPI specification and can be downloaded as JSON file below:

Or, you could download the OAS individually for each API:

Points to remember

  1. In the downloaded OAS files, the Base URL would be that of the US DC( by default. If you belong to other DCs, then you need to edit the files and change the base URL accordingly. For eg: Zoho Creator's EU DC users should use
    • Open the OAS file in Swagger Editor.

    • Navigate to the tokenURL and authorizationURL in the JSON file and update the domain accordingly.

    • Next, choose your Data Center in the Servers drop down.

    • Click Authorize.