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Enable subform field sorting

The subform field comes with the ability to sort the fields listed within the subform. It is available in the field properties of the subform. Sorting is aimed at requirements that need the fields in the subform to be sorted in a specific order. 

To enable subform field sorting:

  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Select the required subform field.
  3. Go to Field Properties.
  4. Select the checkbox near Enable Sorting under Sorting.
  5. Select the Field based on which sorting should be applied.
  6. Select preferred Sorting Order.
  7. Click on Done to exit form builder.

When accessing the report or editing the record, you can observe that the sorting will be applied to the subform field.

  • For composite fields, sorting should be done based on the subfield, for example First Name or Last Name for Name field.
  • Sorting cannot be done based on the following: Encrypted fields, URL, Audio,Video, multi-selection fields, integration fields, and user field.

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