Customize contextual messages

Customize contextual messages

Create contextual messages

To create contextual messages:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click Contextual Messages under Personalization

  3. The Contextual Message window will appear. Click the Customize button.

  4. The contextual messages pane will appear.

  5. Select the form.
  6. Select the report for which the messages need customization.
  7. Click the Download button to download the Default Messages file.
    1. A file named DefaultMessages.xlsx will be downloaded. This .xlsx file contains the default messages used in Zoho Creator.
    2. Enter the customized messages in the CustomValue column.
    3. You can also enter the contextual messages in languages other than English. To do so, create a new column with the either the Language name or the Language code as its title. Then enter the required custom values. A list of languages supported by Creator for Contextual messages and their respective language codes can be found here.
    4. After entering all the required custom values, save the DefaultMessages.xlsx file.

      Please note that keys present in the DefaultMessages.xlsx should also be present in the file to be uploaded. It is not mandatory to enter custom values for all keys and you can choose to have custom values for certain keys while leaving others blank.

  8. Upload the updated file.
  9. Click Create button. 
  10. The customization will be added to the Contextual Messages page.

The contextual messages can contain only up to 255 characters each. If a message exceeds the said limit, the file will not get uploaded.

Edit contextual messages

To edit contextual messages:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click ContextualMessages under Personalisation.

  3. The Contextual Message window will appear.

  4. Hover on the listed contextual message. The Customize option will appear.

  5. The Customize messages pane will be displayed.

  6. Change the report if necessary.
  7. Download the existing messages file.
  8. Make the required changes and save the file.
  9. Upload file again.

  10. Click the Update button. The changes will be reflected.

Delete contextual messages

To delete customization:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click ContextualMessages under Personalisation.

  3. The Contextual Message window will appear.

  4. Hover on the listed contextual message. The Delete option will appear.

  5. Click Delete in the popup.

  6. The customization will be removed from the listing and the report messages will be reverted to default system messages.

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