Zoho Creator On-premise - Overview

Zoho Creator On-premise is an installable low-code platform for creating enterprise-grade custom applications that can be seamlessly accessed from smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.

Installation Guide

Install Zoho Creator on your Windows and Linux machines

Server commands

Here are the commands you’ll need to start and shutdown the Zoho Creator On-Premise server, and backup and restore its database.

Accessing Creator On-premise

Access Zoho Creator on your Windows and Linux machines

Account setup

Setup your Zoho Creator On-Premise account, manage and control access privileges of your users.

Create and manage apps

Create and manage applications, add forms, reports, pages, workflows and do much more in your Zoho Creator On-Premise account.

Mail Server Settings

Configure the mail server settings to send email notifications from your Creator applications.

User management

Add and manage users in your account, create roles, provide access to your applications and workspace, and define access levels for each set of users.

Customer portal

 Enable your users to sign up with your portal instead of signing up with Zoho's account.

Proxy Server Settings

Configure the proxy server for your Zoho Creator On-Premise.

Delegate User Authentication to IdP

Delegate user authentication to your organization's Identity Provider (IdP) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and allow your users to access the Creator applications using their existing credentials.

License management

View, renew and upgrade the license details for your Zoho Creator On-Premise.

Digital certificate

Learn about securing communication for Zoho Creator On-Premise using digital certificates.

Mobile applications

Access the Android and iOS apps that enable mobile access for your Zoho Creator On-Premise applications 

Application backup and restore

Schedule application backups that enable you to store the data of your Creator applications safely and restore them whenever required


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