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Native mobile apps for Zoho Creator On-Premise

The following Android and iOS apps enable mobile access for your Zoho Creator On-Premise applications. These apps are available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Who can use these apps

Our Android and iOS apps enable mobile access for you, your users and customers:

  • A user is anyone who is internal to your organization, like an employee.
  • A customer is anyone who is external to your organization, like a client, vendor, or logistics partner.

Connecting to the host

  • Your users will have to enter the domain or IP address of the server where you've installed Zoho Creator. Upon successful authentication, they'll be able to access all the Creator applications that they are shared with them.
  • Your customers will have to enter the internal or external domain where the Creator application's portal is hosted. Even if a customer has access to multiple application portals, they can access only one portal at a time.
While connecting, the end user may see a security alert. Learn more


Subject to the application configuration and access permissions, your end users can do the following using our Android and iOS apps:

  • Add, view, update, and delete data by accessing forms, reports, and pages.
  • Access forms and reports while offline.
  • Pick information from contacts while entering data in the name, email, phone, and address fields.
  • Capture a photo using their device's camera while accessing the image and file upload fields.
  • Refresh the form, report, or page using the pull-to-refresh gesture.
  • Use the dark mode in devices running iOS 13 and later.
  • Draw, scribble, or doodle inputs for the image field using iOS 13’s pencil kit. This option will become available when the Camera option is enabled in that image field's properties.

Offline access

The Zoho Creator On-Premise apps for Android and iOS support offline access for your Creator applications. Your end users can navigate to the app's Settings > Offline Components screen to manage their offline access:

  • They can add the required forms and reports. Only those forms that are offline-compatible will be available.
  • Offline components will automatically sync every 24 hours from their last synced time. The end user can also manually sync the required component.
Offline compatibility: Since an active connection to your Zoho Creator server is required for the execution of the Deluge script in workflows, a form is accessible offline only when there's no Deluge script execution configured before the form submission.

Rebranded mobile apps

Note: Creator On-premise supports offline access for rebranded mobile apps.

Zoho Creator enables you to download your Creator On-premise application as a separate mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This feature helps morph the functionality of Zoho Creator into an app representing the organization of admin. Learn more

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