Understand address field

Understand address field

The address field enables your users to select an address from a map. Your users may also type the address. The input area of the address field contains separate input boxes for Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City/ District, State / Province, and Postal Code, and a drop-down menu for Country.

Character limits

  • Each of the fields in the address field can accept an input containing a maximum of 255 characters
  • Each of the fields in the address field, except Country, can accept letters from any language, numbers and special characters

Default behaviour

When your user selects or types an address in the address field, Zoho Creator validates if all fields except Address Line 2 have an input in them. If not, the user is prompted as follows:

  1. The Invalid entries found message will appear in a popup window.
  2. Clicking Okay will close that popup and display a message below the field in which the user did not enter an input.
This default behaviour is slightly similar and slightly different from making the address field mandatory.
  • Similarity: Zoho Creator will prompt the users when they do not enter an input in all fields except address line 2.
  • Difference: By default, it is not necessary for your users to enter or select an address in the field. However, on making the field mandatory, your users will be unable to submit your form till they enter an address in the field.


With respect to the user-experience of the address field on a form, you can:
  • Manage display fields:
    • Except the field Address Line 1, you can choose to hide the other fields from your users. This enables your users to enter just the required parts of their address.
    • You can edit the display text of the selected fields. This can come in handy when you want to display more specific text like "Door No. and Apartment Name" instead of "Address Line 1", and "Area / Locality" instead of "Address Line 2". 
  • Enable address search and auto-complete:
    • You can enable your users to begin typing an address and show them the corresponding search results (returned by the Zoho Maps service), which keeps updating as they type. This way, they wouldn't need to open the map and select the required address.
    • Also, it is not mandatory for your users to pick an address from the search results returned (based on their input), and can submit their typed input to the address field as such. This enables your users to enter a more specific address, something which may not be available in the search results.
  • Enable address selection using map:
    • This enables your users to open a map and pick an address. (This property is enabled by default)
    • When a user accesses your form from a web browser and opens the map in the address field, the locality from where they are accessing (fetched via their IP address) is displayed.
    • When a user accesses your form from a phone or tablet and opens the map in the address field, their location is preselected. This saves them the hassle of typing their location details (address) and enables them to easily input their address.
  • Customize the field name and field link name of this field
  • Make it mandatory for your users to enter an input in this field
  • Enable showing this field only to the app’s admin (and hide it from other users)
  • Set field size
  • Enable displaying a tooltip message when your users hover on this field

When your users access reports and view the addresses stored, you can:

  • Set the Display Value: This enables you to display just the required display fields to your users. For example, you may have enabled your users to enter an input in all the fields, however, you can make the address field display just the Country, State, or Address Line 1, in reports.
  • Enable Link to Map​: This enables your users to click/tap on an address and view it on a map

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