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Understand rebranded mobile app

Zoho Creator enables you to download your creator application as a separate mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This feature helps morph the functionality of Zoho Creator into an app representing the organization of admin.

The native mobile app can be created for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, provided certain prerequisites regarding the developer certification are fulfilled for the respective operating systems.

The native app can be created in two different variants for the employees and customers, respectively. The app for users is for internal purposes and can be used within the organization. Integration of the native app with Zoho's MDM is available. The app for customers is for external distribution, which will facilitate the interaction of the customer with the admin's organization.

For example: Let's assume the admin belongs to an organization known as Zylker. The organization Zylker can create an app for its own employees. This app will enable the employees to mark their attendance and enter details about their sales. Assume the app is named 'Zylker Employee'. 'Zylker Employee' can be distributed to all employees via any MDM. Using a MDM& would ensure the limited distribution of the app (i.e) only to the employees of the organization. Zylker can also use a Zoho Creator application to get orders from customers. On a computer, the customer will visit the customer portal and place orders. But on mobile, the process is totally different. The customer has to download the 'Zoho customer portal' app from App Store or Play Store. By using the native app feature of Zoho Creator, the admin can create and share Zylker's native app on the App Store or Play Store with Zylker's credentials instead of Zoho's. The app may be named 'Zylker Orders' and the customers can download it and order straight away, with Zoho Creator taking care of all the backend processes.

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