Code sign Android app for customers

Code sign Android app for customers

Refer to this page for the Android code sign prerequisites
  1. Edit your app. You'll be taken to your app's Design page.
  2. Click Settings at the top of the Design page. You'll be taken to your app's Settings page.
  3. Click Download as Mobile Apps under the Users and Control:

  4. Click For Android under the For Customers section:

    The Download as Mobile App pane will appear on the right.
  5. Set App Icon as required. This will be your app's icon in your customers' mobile devices.
    • Use default icon will be selected by default. This is the application icon you set in the Settings page, as mentioned here.
    • You can opt to Upload Custom Icon — a PNG file of 1024x1024 px resolution

    Refer to this page for sourcing the inputs required for performing steps 6-9

  6. Upload Keystore File.
  7. Enter Keystore Password.
  8. Enter Key Password.
  9. Enter Alias Name.
  10. Enter Package Name. This will uniquely identify your Android app. It's usually in the format: com.companyname.appname. For example, com.zylker.employeemanagement

    Firebase config file and FCM server key are required for enabling push notification support. Refer to this page to learn how to source them.

  11. Upload Firebase config file.
  12. Enter FCM server key.

  13. Click Code sign. The code sign process can take up to 10 minutes:

  14. View the code signing status under For Android:

    Upon successful code signing, the status will change to Available:

  15. Click the For Android button. The For Customers - Android pane will appear on the right.
  16. Click the Download button. The code-signed Android Package Kit (.apk) file will be downloaded to your device.

  17. Distribute the .apk file to your customers.

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