Understand email field

Understand email field

The email field enables your users to enter a valid email address. It validates if the email address entered is in the format: example@domain.com

Below is how an email field looks on a form:

  • When a user accesses from a web browser:

  • When a user accesses from a phone or tablet:

Character limits

The email field can accept a maximum of 255 characters.


With respect to the user-experience of the email field on a form, you can:
  • Set an initial value for this field. Learn how
    • You can have the email field prefilled with the current user or admin user's email address. You'll need to select the appropriate system variable in the email field's Initial value property
    • You can also set the required email address in the field's Initial value property
    • Setting an initial value does not prevent your users from editing the field's value and entering a different email address
  • Customize the field name and field link name of this field
  • Make it mandatory for your users to enter an email address in this field
  • Prevent your users from entering duplicate values - an email address that is part of an existing record, in this field
  • Set the maximum number of characters that your users can enter in this field
  • Enable users to scan of a QR code or bar code to enter an email address in this field
  • Enable showing this field only to the app’s admin (and hide it from other users)
  • Change this field's type
  • Set this field’s size
  • Enable displaying a tooltip message when your users access your form from a web browser and hover their mouse on this field

By default, when your user accesses an email field in a report, the email addresses appear clickable on a web browser and tappable on a phone or tablet. When your clicks/taps an email address, the default email app of that device is launched and a blank mail is drafted to that email address

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