Create and manage applications

Create and manage applications

Note: To know the differences between Cloud and On-Premise and the availability of features in each, refer here.


Create your online application by adding blank forms or by importing data from an excel file.
HomepageCreate Application From Scratch | Create Application by Importing File | Application Dashboard | DS File | Edit, delete, and duplicate an Application


Pages are custom HTML Reports created using HTML tags and Deluge Script. You can make excellent dashboards, presenting dynamic reports based on user selected criteria using Pages.

Page builder | Create Pages | Page properties | Rename, delete, and, duplicate a page | Page elements | Duplicate element | Delete element | Forms in pages | Reports in pages | Page layoutPublish Pages 


Add WorkFlow to your application by configuring Form Actions, Field Actions, Schedules and Functions, with Deluge Scripting.

Deluge | Deluge - FAQs | Form workflows | Report workflows | Field actions | Schedules | Approval workflows | Payment workflowsFunctions


Configure overall application settings like application name, link name, date format etc, share application with users, customize application layout and themes, organize the different components of your application into sections.

Primary Settings | Users and PermissionsCustomer Portal | Share applicationTranslation (manual) | Customize Application themes | Create Sections

On-Premise guide

Learn how to install Zoho Creator on your machines, set up your account, manage users, configure mail server, and much more.

Access the Application

When you have configured the required Forms, Reports, Pages and Workflows in your application, access the application to add/edit/delete records, view reports and pages, import and export data, print reports, get the permalinks of your Forms, Reports and Pages, and embed them in your website/blog.

Add Records | View Records | Edit Records | Delete Records Search Records by Criteria | Group records | Import records | Export records | Print records | Permalink of forms | Permalink of reports | Permalink of pagesEmbed Form | Embed Report | Embed Page | Access From Mobile | Application Backup | Logs

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