Understand showing message

Understand showing a message on form submission

When a user submits your form, the message Data Added Successfully! is displayed. This gives a confirmation to the user that their data was successfully submitted. You may use this default message or enable your users to view a custom message.

Learn how to set a custom message

Character Limits

  • This message can include letters from any language, numbers, and special characters
  • This message cannot exceed 255 characters

Things to know

  • The message set for your form is displayed every time a user submits that form. Other default messages that your users get to see:
    • Data updated Successfully!, when they update one or more records
    • Record Deleted Successfully, when they delete a record
    • Records Deleted Successfully, when they delete multiple records at the same time
  • If you wish to enable your users to view a different message when they update or delete records, you must configure a form workflow that contains a Show success message action. Learn how

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