Understand layout designer for quick view of list report

Understand layout designer for quick view of list report

Layout designer enables you to customize the quick view of your list report. There are a few predefined layouts that are available for quick view. If you have a requirement that is not fully met with using these predefined layouts, you can opt for the custom layout. It provides you with the ability to organize the fields in a manner that suits your requirement and incorporate more fields than what the predefined layouts facilitate.​

Template for custom layout

There are templates that are made available for custom layouts. These templates are put together to be suitable for many different requirements. You can select a template and apply it to the quick view of your report and see the transformation while you access the report. Alternatively, you can select the template that appears relevant to your report's quick view, and fine tune its elements to best resonate with your idea.

Layout designer

The record builder consists of:

  • The Designer area provided to assemble your layout
  • The Text that you will be displayed
  • The Image that your layout will include
  • The Elements of the layout
  • The Icon that your layout will include
  • The Display related aspects
  • The Style related aspects
  • The Layout properties

Designer Area

The designer area enables you to get a preview of the design that you have created for the layout of your list report.


The text option features all the textual elements that you will want to include in your layout. There are different text styles for you to choose from: Title, Subtitle, Normal Text, Italic Text, Secondary Text, Bold, and Subtext. You can drag and drop the required text element in the designer area and build your layout.


The image option provides you with a list of image styles that you can apply to you image in the layout. You can drag and drop the required style.


There is a list of predefined icons from which you can drag and drop icons of your choice into your custom layout.


The display section enables you to set the display properties for the fields in the layout. For instance, if you have name field in you layout, you cat set the properties specific to that field. You can determine whether you want first name or last name displayed, or include prefix or suffix to the name.


The style section enables you to determine the formatting and styles for the fields, images, and icons in the layout. You can assign font styles, colors, margins, etc.

Layout properties

The layout properties enables you to determine the organization of records in your report. You will be able to specify the number of columns in which you need the records to be displayed or give a custom specification for display.

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