Understand form workflow

Understand form workflow

Form workflow refers to the workflow triggered when there is an activity on a form. The activities that you can perform on a form are listed below.

  • Created - Create a new record in the form
  • Created or Edited - Create a new record or edit an existing record in the form
  • Edited - Edit an existing record in the form
  • Deleted - Delete an existing record in the form

A form can have multiple workflows that get triggered when the above mentioned activities are performed. There needs to be a sequence for the workflows to be executed one after the other. So, the workflows get executed in the order of creation. Let's assume you have created three workflows in the following order:

  1. When the form is created.
  2.  When the form is created or edited. 
  3. When the form is edited.

The first workflow (when the form is created) is executed first, followed by the second and third workflows. 


You can create a form workflow and associate actions. The workflow is triggered when there is an activity on the form, and the associated actions are executed.

Let us assume the form workflow is to create a new lead in your CRM account when visitor information is added to Creator. In this workflow, adding visitor information is the form activity which in turn triggers the creation of a new lead in CRM. Similarly, you can create form workflows by specifying the form activity and add the action to be executed. There are five action types that you can associate with a form workflow. They are:

Action types Action
  1. Send Email
  2. Send SMS
  3. Send Mobile Notification
  4. Show Success Message
  5. Redirect to a URL
Field Actions
  1. Hide fields
  2. Show fields
  3. Enable fields
  4. Disable fields
  5. Set Field value 
Data Access
  1. Add record
  2. Update record
  3. Delete record
  1. Push data to Zoho CRM
  2. Push data to Zoho Desk
  3. Push data to Zoho Recruit
  4. Push data to Salesforce
  5. Push data to Quickbooks
Custom Action
  1. Trigger custom action on form load
  2. Trigger custom action on form validation
  3. Trigger custom action on form submission  

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