What's New - Feature updates in Zoho TeamInbox




Keyboard shortcuts

Perform actions in Zoho TeamInbox with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Use Shift + / to to view the list of shortcuts you can use.


Quick actions on tag click

In the email preview, click on the tag that it is applied with and view all other conversations that are applied with the same tag. You can also choose to edit or remove it. 


Pop up compose window while making a reply

When you are making a reply in a thread, you can now make the editor full screen by click the pop-up icon in its top right corner. 



Quick menu on the email listing

You can now right click on a thread and do actions on it like replying, assigning, snoozing, tagging and a lot more without opening the thread. 



New inbox creation flow

We've made it much more easier for our users to create inboxes with our new creation flow. Create and manage inboxes without hassle.

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Associate multiple sender addresses

You can now create and associate any number of sender addresses with your inboxes to use them while sending out emails.

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Print email content

You can now print your email content. Find the Print icon on the top-right corner of the email.


Add thread followers via rules

One more action added to rules. You can now set up rules to add followers to threads that meet your condition.



Share draft with specific members

You can now choose teammates you want to share your drafts with. Only these members will be able to edit your draft content. You can also revoke their access anytime. 


Your UI in your language

Under 'My Preferences' in settings, select the language you want to view your UI in. This will be the default language for you.



Sort your canned responses better

Under your team settings you can now sort all your canned responses alphabetically or based on the time of creation.


The all new and elegant on-boarding

Our on-boarding steps have become easier now. Get started quickly without any hassle.




Oauth verification for source email addresses

While creating POP based inbox or using custom SMTP for email forwarding inbox for your Outlook and Office 365 accounts, you can now verify the source in just one click via Oauth. This option is available while editing an existing inbox as well.


Copy thread URL

A unique URL is generated for every thread and comment. You can now copy them by clicking the more icon next to the entity.


Multi select threads to perform bulk activities

Select multiple threads and choose to archive, assign, snooze, trash, delete permanently and mark as read, all at once.


Make 'Send and Archive' button default in the Compose window

Under 'My preferences' in settings, turn on the option to have the Send and Archive button as the default option while composing emails.


Set up custom time preferences for snoozing threads

Under setting create multiple time preferences that you can use while snoozing threads.



Rename and reorder attachments

Drag and drop files into the attachment uploader, rename and reorder them while composing.


Quick search for tags while applying them to threads

A search bar appears in the drop down when there are too many tags to scroll and pick. Just type in the name and select the tag.



Custom time option for snoozing threads

Choose your own date and time to set the snooze period for your thread.


Drag and drop email addresses between To and CC fields

In case you've entered an email address in the To field instead of in the CC field, just drag and drop in the CC field. This works vice versa also.



Forward email threads

In every thread you will now find an option to Forward them to people outside Zoho TeamInbox organization. 


Create Canned responses

Create response templates for frequent queries and let your team use them while composing emails.

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Mark emails as spam

An option to mark emails as spam and a separate view for spams have been included.


Secure downloads with passwords

Protect your files with passwords while downloading the email attachments. Enable this option from User Preferences under Settings.


Insert HTML code in Signature editor

Design your own signature, insert the HTML code in the editor and share it with your team.



Shared email inbox

Create shared inboxes and manage incoming emails with your team. Send email copies to Zoho TeamInbox either by enabling email forwarding or via POP.

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Team collaboration

  • Conduct internal discussions on every thread using comments. @mention teammates to include them in your conversation. Learn more
  • Share email drafts with your team to get peer review and always ensure appropriate responses. Learn more

Inbox management

  • Assign owners to threads to distribute work among the team members. Learn more
  • Archive threads once the conversation has ended to keep your space clean for ongoing conversations. Learn more
  • Snooze threads of lesser priority or those that you want to be reminded of later. Learn more
  • Use tags to group emails based on topics and access information with ease. Learn more

Admin tools

  • Activity log lets the admin keep track of all the happenings in the organization. Learn more
  • User roles and permissions helps admin decide what entities the team members can access. Learn more
New Service

Launching of Zoho TeamInbox

Zoho TeamInbox' web app and mobile apps are now available for public access.

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