Creating teams

Creating Teams in Zoho TeamInbox

Zoho TeamInbox lets you create and manage multiple teams within one organization. Group people under teams and create inboxes specific to the team. Users can belong and work in multiple teams with different roles in each team. 

Create team 

Any user with Admin or Moderator privilege in the organization can create teams. 

  1. Login to Zoho TeamInbox and click the Plus icon in the top right corner in the left pane. 
  2. Select Create team.
  3. Enter a name for your team. 
  4. Invite people to work in your team. Enter the email address of the users you want to invite and click Invite. These users will be sent an invitation email and will be added to the team once they've accepted the invite. 
  5. If you want to add members who are already added to the organization, you can just select them from the list of users. 
  6. You can also import users from other Zoho groups that you've created. Click Import users and all the groups for which you have admin or moderator permission will be listed. Choose from the groups and click Import.
  7. As you select the users you can set their role in the team from the drop-down menu next to each user. The role you set here will be applicable only for this team. 
  8. Click Create.

After you've created the team, create inboxes under it to start receiving messages. The team you've created will be listed in the left pane, click it to view all the messages received in the inboxes created under this team.

Create Teams

Assign roles for team members 

There are two default user roles that you can assign to the team members. 

  • Member 
  • Admin 

The permissions given to these roles are as follows: 


In addition to the basic activities (like replying, assigning, archiving etc.,) in the inboxes of the team, members can 

  1. View inboxes 
  2. View inbox members 
  3. View team members 
  4. View signatures


In addition to the basic activities in the inboxes of the team, admins can 

  1. View, manage and delete inboxes
  2. Delete team 
  3. Invite team members 
  4. View, manage and team members 
  5. View, manage and inbox members 
  6. View, create, manage and delete rules
  7. View, create, manage and delete signatures

If you do not assign specific roles to users, they will be "Members" by default. 

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