Introducing eWidgets to elevate your team performance

According to Statista, an organization uses an average of 121 SaaS applications. There is now an app for anything and everything that's done in day-to-day business, and modern companies have begun to harness the true potential of these applications to boost their teams' performance.

At Zoho TeamInbox, we’re constantly exploring different opportunities to help you reap the benefits of other applications to meet the needs of your business. Integrating your shared inbox tool with other workplace tools can help you get more done while you're managing your emails and other tasks. As part of our efforts, we're excited to introduce our integrations with these applications:

  • Zoho Desk

  • Zoho Meeting

  • Zoho Recruit

  • Asana

  • Trello

eWidgets Zoho TeamInbox

Zoho Desk 

Customer-facing teams can often find it cumbersome to provide excellent customer service to their customers. The Zoho Desk extension in Zoho TeamInbox lets you handle your tickets and perform customer-support activities right inside your email thread.

Some of the things you can do with this extension include creating new tickets, assigning tickets to yourself or someone on your team, viewing and managing the tickets assigned to you as well as unassigned tickets, changing the status of tickets as and when progress is made, and getting an overview of all tickets by sorting them based on filters.

Learn more on how to use Zoho Desk in Zoho TeamInbox.

Zoho Meeting 

Sometimes, communicating over text will not help move the needle in complex situations or tasks. This calls for a meeting where people can collaborate and gain fresh perspectives. The Zoho Meeting extension does exactly this. You can create meetings, view your scheduled meetings, and access all of your meeting tools right within your email threads in Zoho TeamInbox without having to switch applications.

Learn more on how to use Zoho Meeting in Zoho TeamInbox.

Zoho Recruit 

No matter an organization's size, managing huge volumes of emails and resumes is one of an HR team's biggest challenges. Without an effective system in place, the recruitment process can get overwhelming, possibly leading you to miss out on the right candidates.

With the Zoho Recruit extension, you can add candidates directly to Zoho Recruit while you go through their emails and resumes. Zoho Recruit then enhances your overall hiring process by tracking the applicants’ hiring journey, from the recruitment stage to the onboarding stage.

Learn more on how to use Zoho Recruit in Zoho TeamInbox.


Collaboration and transparency are at the heart of everything we do at Zoho TeamInbox. With Asana, a task management tool, you can turn your emails into tasks, and view and manage ongoing tasks directly from your email threads. Fast-track your tasks, keep everyone on the same page, and help your team do their best work by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, creating workflows, and more.

Learn more on how to use Asana in Zoho TeamInbox.


When there is poor task management, organizing your emails and collaborating over them becomes so time-consuming that it’s a bigger hassle than working on the task itself. Trello is a project-management application that lets you convert your emails into cards, organize and prioritize them using boards and lists, and execute tasks right from your inbox.

Learn more on how to use Trello in Zoho TeamInbox.

Wrapping up 

Have fun trying out these eWidgets, and let us know how they help elevate your teams' performance. Also, if you feel there’s an integration that can make your work with Zoho TeamInbox easier, let us know in the comments below. If you have any queries regarding setting up or using these integrations, reach out to us at


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