Zoho TeamInbox's integration with Zoho CRM

We’ve always aimed to build Zoho TeamInbox to work with other applications so that your data flows seamlessly from one app to the other, allowing you to work with the same contextual content without constantly switching tabs. Our integration with Zoho CRM will give you just that.

Zoho CRM is a platform that helps you manage all things sales-related. Organize and connect with contacts, create tasks and deals for them, measure conversions and performance, and more.  With Zoho TeamInbox's integration for Zoho CRM, keep your sales information and team emails in the same place. Our two-way integration lets you access Zoho TeamInbox from Zoho CRM's interface, and vice versa.

Accessing team inboxes from Zoho CRM's interface 

You can now view and access emails related to your contacts and leads right from your Zoho CRM account. View the thread status, assignee, and any internal discussions conducted on the thread. Open emails in a new window to reply, comment, assign tasks, and more.

With this extension, your sales team can now enjoy contextual communication with their contacts. Learn more about installation and using the app.

Accessing Zoho CRM information from Zoho TeamInbox 

Access and create Zoho CRM records right from your inbox with our eWidget for Zoho CRM to get insights on your prospects and potentials. Add your email senders and recipients as contacts while you’re reading the email. With the contextual sales details the widget provides, you can now resolve emails faster.

Enable the Zoho CRM eWidget from your Zoho TeamInbox settings to view all of the pertinent information next to your thread.

Why should you apply this integration?  

By integrating Zoho TeamInbox with Zoho CRM, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • By keeping the sales information handy, you’ll always know who you’re talking to, helping you make better and more precise responses.

  • Update your contact records in Zoho CRM from your inbox when you receive new information in emails. You don't have to leave your inbox to make minor updates.

  • Always be aware of the context and history. Before communicating with your contacts, you can quickly browse through all of the previous conversations you’ve had with them. This will help you communicate with them in the way they prefer.

  • By knowing how your leads are prospecting and what stages they’re in, you’ll be able to draft your emails accordingly.

Try our extension for Zoho CRM and let us know how this integration eases your everyday work. Keep sending us your feedback and suggestions to support@zohoteaminbox.com. We love hearing from you!



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