Launching unified multichannel inboxes with Zoho TeamInbox—The only inbox you'll ever need

The primal intent of Zoho TeamInbox has always been to enhance teamwork by making collaboration smoother, increasing transparency within teams, and ensuring an organized inbox. We've already made group emails easier to handle, and now we're ready to do the same for other ways you communicate.

Everyone is now messaging everywhere, and it's important for businesses to keep up. We see more and more businesses trying new ways for their customers to reach them. Now our goal is to bring all of our collaboration benefits to these other channels, too.

We’re thrilled to introduce our multichannel inboxes. Now, you can combine all of your communication channels into one inbox. Zoho TeamInbox is taking a new shape and is ready to give your team communication and processes a new structure. Read more about the benefits of our multichannel inboxes here.

Picture this: no more switching between apps or drowning in a sea of scattered messages. Say goodbye to the clutter and confusion of juggling multiple inboxes and hello to simplicity, efficiency, and order.

What’s new with Zoho TeamInbox  

We kicked off 2024 with a bang here at Zoho TeamInbox, and now, just four months later, we're excited to introduce a new range of robust and impactful features.

Powerful multichannel inboxes  

Set up a unified shared inbox to hold all of your relevant messages, no matter where they're from. You can create channels for email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram direct messages with Zoho TeamInbox (we’re working to roll out other channels, too). Your inboxes won't be tied to just one type of channel anymore. Associate multiple channels to a single inbox, or leave it empty to serve as a folder for specific messages. You can set up rules or manually move messages to these empty inboxes and have a consolidated view of similar messages.

Instagram and Facebook messenger are new additions to our channels. You can now direct your Instagram and Facebook messages to Zoho TeamInbox and manage them from there. These stand-alone applications lack options for managing messages collectively as a team or providing tools for team collaboration. Zoho TeamInbox extends all of the collaboration, delegation, and productivity capabilities of email channels to these platforms as well. With everything consolidated in one place, you can keep all of your messages right next to your emails and avoid the chaos of switching apps. 

But it's not just about external messages; you can also host team discussions and comments within their respective inboxes. Your inboxes will now become a global view of all your messages, from different channels, along with internal discussions—truly multichannel.

These multichannel inboxes are built on top of the collaboration and team transparency benefits of Zoho TeamInbox, so you can work on your channels as a team.

Move threads across inboxes  

Organize your threads by moving them across inboxes to keep them where they belong. Received a testimonial email in your support inbox? Move it to the marketing inbox so your marketing team can handle it. Completed your part and need to pass it to another department? Simply drop the thread into their inbox. Better yet, create empty inboxes for each topic or client and set up rules to do the sorting for you. The possibilities are endless.  

Internal discussions  

Collaborate with your team on projects, tasks, and ideas using Discussions. Create a dedicated space within your inboxes for team members to exchange insights, share feedback, and make decisions together. Go from scattered communication to centralized collaboration, and do away with ineffective communication for good.

Response time goals  

Define response times to ensure timely resolution of your incoming emails and messages. Rules in Zoho TeamInbox now let you set up a maximum reply time for messages. If a reply is not sent within the designated time frame, you can instruct the rules to take specific actions, such as assigning the message to another team member, notifying the manager, or moving the message to the priority inbox. Define your response time objectives, track their performance against these goals, and ensure prompt responses.

Mark threads as duplicates  

When you connect multiple channels to an inbox, it's possible to encounter duplicate threads or similar messages from the same sender. Dealing with such repeated threads can be chaotic, which is why we've introduced an option to mark them as a duplicate. Once flagged as a duplicate, these threads will be automatically removed out of your view, allowing you to focus on your important tasks without distraction.

Fluid across all devices 

From smartphones to desktops, Zoho TeamInbox is now available on every device, intelligently adapting itself to the size, screen, and native options of these devices. Enjoy the same user-friendly interface and powerful features across all platforms, enhancing your productivity no matter where you are.

We're putting some finishing touches on our app for Windows, and they're almost ready to go live. We’re thrilled to launch them at the earliest and offer you a unified experience across all of your devices. Write to us at to get beta access; we'd love for you to get your hands on our desktop app and give us your feedback.

Wrapping up  

Zoho TeamInbox is leveling up with multichannel inboxes! This is a game-changer that sets the stage for the future of our application, empowering our users to streamline their communication and collaboration like never before, and we couldn't be more excited. If you've not tried Zoho TeamInbox yet, get started now

We can't wait to hear what you think once you get your hands on the latest version. Talk to us at because your feedback means the world to us!


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