Introducing the Whatsapp inbox in Zoho TeamInbox

From the moment Zoho TeamInbox launched, we've constantly worked behind the scenes to develop features that will help teams improve their business conversations, as well as enhance collaboration, productivity, and transparency within the team. Another feather to our cap is our new WhatsApp shared inbox.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital communication, it’s important for businesses to be where their larger audiences are—and where are they? WhatsApp!

With billions of users across the globe, WhatsApp is now one of the major channels, evolving to be an integral tool for personal and business interactions alike. So introducing the WhatsApp channel inside Zoho TeamInbox is an obvious step forward—now you can keep your WhatsApp conversations right next to your emails and other communication channels, without having to juggle between apps.

What’s a WhatsApp shared inbox, and why should you start using it right away?  

We've strived to make team emails effortless for you by making them easy to manage and collaborate over. Now we’re bringing you a Whatsapp shared inbox with all of the collaboration capabilities that you've enjoyed in an email shared inbox. Connect your WhatsApp for business with Zoho TeamInbox and enjoy the benefit of a transparent, shared space. Receive and send messages from here, discuss with your team, apply tags and rules, snooze, archive, and follow chats, and a lot more.

The most significant of all is that you can connect and manage multiple WhatsApp business numbers all under one roof, without navigating between apps or even devices.

Besides the benefit of having all of your business conversations in a single platform, here are some other reasons why our WhatsApp shared inbox will solve communication problems for your business.

Have a discussion right next to your message  

Every time you need help with a conversation, just @mention your teammate and ask your question. Want to brainstorm something? Pull in the entire team for a quick discussion. Forget about having to switch to another application to collaborate with team. Having these discussions right next to the specific conversation will help your team read the thread, understand the context, and give you informed responses. It will also help you maintain the conversation history for future reference. You can find both the thread and the discussions around them in a single place.

Delegate and organize conversations  

Assign each message to the person responsible for its content. This will give you an overview of which messages are being handled and which of them are left unattended.

Sort conversations based on their priority and status by snoozing or archiving. Categorize them with our shared tags for a clean inbox. Inbox Zero is now attainable for your WhatsApp messages, too.

Ensure accountability  

When multiple people handle multiple conversations, it’s important to know precisely who made a specific reply, and that’s exactly what our shared inbox will help you with. Our activity timeline will give you details on every activity happening in a thread—such as who did what and when.


With tons of messages flowing into your inbox every day, let our automation engine handle a few steps of your workflow, such as assigning a conversation to a specific member, or tagging or archiving conversations. Zoho TeamInbox will take care of all these mundane tasks for you, so you can focus on your customers.

Learn how to create a WhatsApp inbox!

Your conversations are secure! 

There’s no compromise on security whatsoever here at Zoho TeamInbox. Rest assured, our WhatsApp inbox is built with the same level of security that you've enjoyed with us thus far.

Wrapping up 

Two months ago, we quietly launched the Telegram inbox. Introducing the Whatsapp inbox now puts us one step closer to giving our users the advantage of interacting with their customers irrespective of the platform they use. And there’s a lot more yet to come. With these launches, we intend to build an inclusive platform for collaboration, bridging gaps, and facilitating effective teamwork.

Try out the benefits of unified communication with Zoho TeamInbox today, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. If you need any assistance, write to us at We’re always happy to help.


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