Introducing Zoho Billing: An ideal billing partner for your growing business.

We are delighted to introduce Zoho Billing, an end-to-end billing solution crafted to streamline billing for companies of every size. Built on the foundation of Zoho Subscriptions, Zoho Billing will replace it with significant advancement in billing capabilities, tailored to empower growing businesses.

Looking back to where it all started

Over the last decade, the ways we use, consume, and pay for the goods and services in our daily lives have transformed significantly. Be it software providers or streaming services, subscription-based models became the new norm. Businesses adopted these models for predictable revenue streams, but this shift brought pricing, billing, and accounting complexities.

Being a SaaS company ourselves, we understood the needs first-hand and created Zoho Subscriptions in 2014 to address the unique needs of businesses that rely on recurring revenue streams. Newly established and growing businesses used Zoho Subscriptions to automate recurring billing, manage subscription lifecycles, handle complex pricing models, and track subscription metrics.

Fast forwarding to the present and stepping into the future

Today, technology-driven customer expectations are reshaping markets, prompting businesses to adapt to evolving market demands. Subscription businesses are innovating by combining annual, monthly, and one-time pricing models. This hybrid approach caters to a diverse set of audiences, serving varied billing preferences. Zoho, as a technology partner, recognized the need to align with these shifts, resulting in the evolution of Zoho Subscriptions into Zoho Billing.

Zoho Billing is a go-to billing solution for any business at every growth stage. It empowers them to do pricing experiments, supports one-time, subscription, project, and expense billing. To put it in a nutshell, from quote creation to revenue collection, everything is taken care of.

A new look that holds a strong promise

Zoho Billing's fresh look mirrors its transformative journey. Zoho Billing's visual identity is anchored by three key elements: agility, flexibility, and scalability, which collectively embody our commitment to our customers.

The emblematic green bills stand as the nucleus, symbolizing invoicing, while the swirl signifies recurrence, and the central spark represents the swifter billing process Zoho Billing promises to enrich the customer experience.

Here are a few of the many highlights of Zoho Billing:

Flexible product management

Zoho Billing provides your business with the flexibility to experiment with various pricing strategies and packaging options. Whether you prefer flat fees or à la carte options or prefer tier, volume, or custom pricing structures, we've got you covered. It even enables you to entice prospects and incentivize customers by offering discounts, freemiums and trials.

Build on billing success

From generating quotes to collecting payments, Zoho Billing handles both one-time and recurring billing, effortlessly. The project billing feature empowers you with versatile billing methods; you can set a fixed cost for project completion or bill based on project hours, task hours, or staff hours, ensuring tailored invoicing for your unique project needs. 

With metered billing, it ensures fair charges based on actual usage, even in complex scenarios. Zoho Billing offers customizable invoice templates and flexible billing options, allowing you to tailor invoices to specific needs, whether it's by geography or billing entity.

Collect payments on time, every time

Zoho Billing ensures smooth cash flow for businesses through various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH, banking, cash, and checks. With Zoho Billing's PCI-compliant hosted pages, you can avoid the hassle of creating compliant payment web pages to get paid securely. Zoho Billing's automated payment reminders and customizable payment retries ensure you get paid without losing customers to churn.

Smooth customer lifecycle journey

Zoho Billing empowers your business to automate and personalize every aspect of the customer lifecycle. It lets you craft personalized quotes, and offer customizable free trials to captivate potential clients, streamlining their journey from trial to paid plans. Manage every facet of the subscription journey, including upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations. Empower your customers through a user-friendly, self-service portal to access account information, invoices, and payments, and manage their subscriptions.

Comprehensive business insights

Zoho Billing supports 50+ reports, ranging from consolidated views of unpaid transactions to in-depth subscription metrics like net revenue, MRR, churn rate, ARPU, LTV, and cohort analysis. Segment data effortlessly using advanced filters by time, target groups, and locations. Zoho Billing empowers you to make data-driven decisions, turning information into your competitive advantage.

Powerful integrations and plugins

Zoho Billing offers a robust suite of prebuilt integrations to connect front-office and back-office tools like accounting and inventory management with Zoho CRM, Zoho Inventory, and Zoho Books. It also comes with a plug-and-play option to connect with productivity, communication, and analytics apps with 20+ installable plugins to make sure you have everything you need to do all your work in one place.

Stay on top of your business even when you're on the move with Zoho Billing's mobile version that supports both iOS and Android users.

Note to existing Zoho Subscription users:

While our logo and UI has a fresh look, we assure you that, as an existing Zoho Subscriptions user, your account history, transactions, records, and workflows shall remain intact. There will be no changes to the features of your current plan.


Wrapping up

In today's ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is paramount, and Zoho Billing offers the key to staying ahead. When market conditions shift or pricing strategies evolve, relying on manual processes or outdated billing systems can hinder progress. With its scalable built, Zoho Billing equips businesses with the flexibility required to stay agile in a dynamic market. Take Zoho Billing for a spin and let us know what you think!


11 Replies to Introducing Zoho Billing: An ideal billing partner for your growing business.

  1. Does the new Zoho Billing allow us to create genuine, multiple-seat, company-based recurring subscription models where the company can add and authorize individuals to their subscription? (think multi-seat SaaS)

    1. Gracias por A2A Gustavo​😄​ ¡Ciertamente! Si ya utiliza Zoho Invoice, la transición a Zoho Billing es perfecta. No solo seguirá disfrutando de las funciones de Zoho Invoice, sino que también obtendrá acceso a capacidades avanzadas como varias estrategias de precios, diversos modelos de facturación (suscripción, medición, facturación por calendario), la capacidad de cobrar pagos únicos y recurrentes, y Más de 50 informes personalizables para mantener bajo control la salud financiera de su empresa. Es una actualización sencilla que puede ayudarlo a escalar su negocio de manera efectiva. Experimente Zoho Billing hoy: Si tiene más dudas, comuníquese con nosotros a <>

  2. This looks great. But tell me this. 1. How are you tackling on the fact that in India auto-payments above 15000 is a challenge? 2. Is it possible with zoho billing for Indian entities to auto debit foreign customer accounts? 3. Have you been able to integrate with Stripe India?

    1. Thanks for the A2A Anand. 1. How are you tackling the fact that in India auto-payments above 15000 are a challenge? Regarding auto payments above 15,000 in India, Zoho Billing offers several options. You can utilize auto-pay with payment modes such as Card, UPI, and Paytm wallet. We've integrated with gateways like Razorpay, Paytm, and Stripe. For payments exceeding 15,000, the respective payment gateway/bank sends an authorization message in advance. Once approved, the renewal process proceeds seamlessly. 2. Is it possible with Zoho billing for Indian entities to auto-debit foreign customer accounts? International debit is possible through a few of the payment gateways in Zoho Billing like Razorpay. Please reach out to us at for immediate and personalized support. 3. Have you been able to integrate with Stripe India? Yes, Zoho Billing is fully integrated with Stripe India, supporting both one-time and recurring transactions. For further clarifications, please feel free to reach us at

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