Redefine communication with Zoho TeamInbox's omnichannel platform


An omnichannel platform is a unified system that integrates multiple communication channels, allowing you to communicate across all channels from a single platform. This allows you to work across channels without having to juggle between applications while maintaining consistency throughout all of your channels.

Zoho TeamInbox is an omnichannel platform that allows you to keep all of your other communication channels right next to your emails. You can switch between these channels, receive and send messages in each of them, and collaborate over them, all from within Zoho TeamInbox.  

Shared multichannel inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox 

Multichannel inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox are unified shared inboxes that hold all of your messages irrespective of where they come from. You can create channels for email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram direct messages and connect them with your shared inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox. View all of your messages from different channels alongside internal discussions, in one comprehensive view. Experience a transparent, collaborative workspace with your team, all while enjoying the convenience of multichannel inboxes.

What benefits can you reap off multichannel inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox? 

Having all of your channels in one inbox helps you centralize communication. You can access and respond to messages from different channels without switching between applications, thus saving time and effort and enhancing efficiency. Here are other important benefits that you can gain from Zoho TeamInbox's multichannel inboxes.

Stay in the know with clear context  

Keeping everything under one roof allows you to access the context of any message, learn about the sender from their previous interactions, and gather other relevant details. With these insights, you and your team can make informed decisions and deliver precise, personalized responses. When you can avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings, you can also reduce resolution times and ensure efficiency in your communications. Stay on top of things and never miss important information!

Maintain consistency across all channels 

Consistency is key to building trust and credibility. Define the tone and messaging for your team and ensure that your communications are consistent across all channels. By maintaining this consistency across teams, you provide customers with a unified experience, regardless of who sends the response.

Tidy up your inboxes by streamlining messages  

Keep your messages right where they belong by moving them across inboxes irrespective of the source channel; sales messages in the sales inbox, support queries in the support inbox. Zoho TeamInbox allows you organize your messages based on their lifecycle, from open to archived. Prioritize what matters most and enjoy clutter-free inboxes and a boost in productivity while minimizing stress.

Collaborate smartly to ease teamwork   

Zoho TeamInbox was built to provide effortless collaboration over group emails and now, this teamwork extends beyond emails to all of your messaging channels. It's like giving each channel its own collaborative power-up!

Most communication channels don't come with built-in team collaboration features, and Zoho TeamInbox solves this for you. Chat with your teammates about incoming messages right next to them, all without leaving your inbox or hopping to another app. With real-time messaging and collaboration tools, you can work together smarter and not harder.

Check out our shared multichannel inboxes and let us know how you like them. Write to us at if you need any assistance in creating your inboxes and setting up your workflow.







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