The teams of your organization might be using various channels (like emails, Whatsapp groups, and other social media apps) for their internal and external communications. The number of messages received and sent via these channels per user will definitely be huge. The users will then have to switch between applications and this will clearly affect their work productivity. Therefore with Zoho TeamInbox you can direct all your communications to the shared inbox you create here, and manage them from a single platform. 

Let's say your Finance department uses a group email address for external communication and another group email address for communicating internally. Now, you can create a team for your Finance department and configure two email inboxes under that team. Add users responsible for each inbox as the members of the inboxes. Thus, they can receive and send all messages right from Zoho TeamInbox, and conversations will be visible to every member in the team.

Inbox members

When you've created your inbox you can add people as inbox members to work in it and assign them with definite roles. Users can belong in multiple inboxes with different roles in each team. Therefore you can have admins for every inbox and these inbox admins can just be members in other inboxes or the team under which the inbox is created. 

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