SalesIQ Live Webinars

  • 1st Wednesday of every month
    11:30 PM IST
    1st Wednesday of every month
    10:00 AM PST
    1st Wednesday of every month
    6:00 PM GMT
    A walkthrough on boosting customer engagement using SalesIQ

    Businesses these days consider customer engagement as their prime modus operandi for success. But where do you find your potential customers? How can you reach them? How to identify their interests, needs, and requirements?

    Join us in this webinar to help you understand how SalesIQ can help you enhance engagement with your prospects and customers.

    You'll learn how to:
    • Send contextual messages for effective conversations
    • Target the right customers at the right time with smart automations
    • Use bots for AI-powered conversations
    • Connect with customers directly on call
    • Facilitate self service with in-chat knowledge base
    • Streamline workflows with seamless integrations
  • 3rd Wednesday of every month
    11:30 PM IST
    3rd Wednesday of every month
    10:00 AM PST
    3rd Wednesday of every month
    6:00 PM GMT
    Basic: Building chatbots using SalesIQ's bot building platform, Zobot

    A webinar on Zoho SalesIQ's Zobot and how to build a chatbot integrated with CRM using the different platforms available.

    • Importance of chatbots in customer engagement
    • Introduction to Zobot
    • Why Zobots are important for a business?
    • Demo of how a Zobot works
    • Building a real-time Zobot
  • 4th Wednesday of every month
    11:30 PM IST
    4th Wednesday of every month
    10:00 AM PST
    4th Wednesday of every month
    6:00 PM GMT
    Advanced Concepts in building Zobots using SalesIQ Scripts

    You now know what you can do with Zobot. But did you know that this intelligent assistant is a golden opportunity for your businesses? Let’s explore the extensive capabilities of Zobot to custom fit your business.

    Join us for our webinar, where we'll be walking you through:
    • Using the Visitor Session API in the Zobot to store values during an ongoing session
    • Performing actions using the Zobot
    • Using Input/Display cards to collect input and display output to visitors
    • Objects in the Zobot
    • Integrating the Zobot with a Zoho service
    • Using the OTP mechanism for validation
  • 27 May 2021, Thursday
    10:00 AM CST
    Chat en vivo para asistencia al cliente y crecimiento comercial (Zobot)
    Conozca la herramienta de Zoho SalesIQ, la cual le permitirá de forma sencilla manejar un chat para todos sus sitios web, llevar a cabo un seguimiento de cada uno de sus visitantes en tiempo real, con segmentación y puntuación de clientes potenciales al mismo tiempo que nuestro chatbot inteligente 'Zobot', estará disponible para interactuar y atender a sus clientes en todo momento.