Create cheerful holiday-themed forms

Spread holiday cheer to your customers with beautifully designed holiday-themed forms. Use a predesigned template from the Templates Library or have a jolly time designing your form using our new and improved theme builder. Select holiday-ready colors, fonts, and backgrounds, and add your brand's logo. With Zoho Forms, you can create powerful, functional forms that are also visually appealing.

Prioritize customer communications

The holidays are a great time to build a strong customer base, and connect with buyers looking for your products, services, and more. Convert leads collected through form submissions into new customers and manage longstanding client relationships using the Zoho CRM integration. Plus, stay in touch with your contacts and convert one-time buyers into returning customers with carefully curated newsletters by integrating Zoho Campaigns.

Offline data collection

Access all your form data while you’re traveling for the holidays with the Zoho Forms mobile app. With our fully functional offline forms software, you can build and edit forms, generate reports, and collect data. The forms and entries collected will sync with your account when you are back online.

Create order forms without coding

Make the most of the holiday season without increasing your workload. With Zoho Forms you can take complex product and service orders, schedule bookings, and collect donations without writing a single line of code.

Collect payments

Employ the advanced payment field that uses integrated third-party payment portals to collect funds safely for every order or donation.

Apply holiday discounts

Use skip logic and advanced formulae to apply discounts to your products automatically, or when specific conditions are met in an order. Ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Receive donations

Provide donors the option of giving as much as they like with the Variable Payment Amount option in your donation forms.

Make bookings

Allow customers to select specific dates in your booking forms to make reservations during the holidays. Create appointment and service booking forms that provide convenient time slot options for customers to choose from.

Manage internal affairs more effectively

Holiday request forms

Offer your employees the opportunity to take a well-deserved break. Incorporate our Employee Holiday Request form templates into your org websites or internal portals. Learn more

Advanced form analytics

Use the inbuilt advanced analytics feature to study your form's performance, gain valuable insight on the pain points of your forms and work towards creating a seamless form filling experience for your customers.

Automated backend tasks

Set up automated notifications for teammates and form respondents upon successful form submissions. Take automation a step further and configure approval workflows and tasks for your team, so you can free yourself of background work during the holidays.

Disabled live forms

Disable your live forms when you need to go offline during the holidays. This ensures that no submissions are overlooked or missed out on while you're celebrating with your family and friends.


Need forms for the travel and hospitality industry? We've got you covered.

Zoho Forms offers predesigned form templates with a wide range of adaptable features, ideal for businesses that require specialized holiday forms.

Travel Agency Booking form

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Room Reservation form

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Travel Bookings form

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You can do all this and more, all year round. Make everyday a holiday with Zoho Forms.

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