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Embed travel forms on your website

With Zoho Forms, embedding travel forms directly into your website is a breeze. Choose from various embed options to seamlessly integrate booking, registration, and feedback forms wherever they're needed. This way, guests can book, register, and share feedback without leaving your site. Embedded forms capture attention and encourage action, boosting conversions and leads. From iframe to lightbox pop-up forms, find the perfect fit for your website.

Learn about all of our options for embedding forms.

Seamless reservations

Forget phone calls and emails. Intuitive forms let busy travelers reserve accommodations, tours, and activities on their own schedule. Gather key details like arrival time and special requests with customizable fields. Send automated emails for a stress-free experience for both you and your guests.

Discover how to set up calendars for your booking forms.

Personalized travel preferences

Understanding your guests' unique preferences is the key to exceeding expectations. Learn about their preferred activities, accommodations, and dietary needs with Zoho Forms to create travel memories that last a lifetime. Cater to individual preferences, make every visit feel special, and encourage return stays.

Leverage conditional logic

Go beyond basic questions and adapt your form as they answer. Instead of overwhelming respondents with a long list of standard questions, use conditional logic to present relevant questions in the optimal sequence. As they answer, new relevant questions dynamically appear, creating a smoother and more focused user experience. If a user indicates they are not interested in a specific service, the form can intelligently skip to the next relevant section!

Read more about conditional rules.

Make your travel brand unforgettable with consistent branding

Don't underestimate the power of a familiar face! Immerse travelers in a branded experience from the moment they land on your website. Incorporate your travel brand's logo and design throughout your form, applying the same color palette and fonts to ensure a seamless transition from your website to the form. Use a custom domain that aligns with your travel brand. Reinforce your brand identity from the first click to the final booking.

Seamless transactions, smooth checkout experience

Zoho Forms is your gateway to receive secure and convenient payments from your customers. Your travelers can book tours, activities, and accommodations right through your forms, instantly paying with their preferred method. Integrate with leading payment processors like Stripe and PayPal to offer flexibility and global reach. 

Stop stressing about payments and start wowing your guests!

Efficient communication

Streamlined communication serves as the backbone of a seamless travel experience. Gather contact details and understand communication preferences to ensure travelers receive timely confirmation messages related to their travel plans. Enhance customer satisfaction by offering a PDF copy of their travel form submission, providing a convenient record of their booking. 

Share your form on social media or other platforms

Not just putting the form on your website, you can directly share your form on your social media handles! Redirect the traffic after submitting the form to your website for an immersive brand experience, so that they explore, learn more about your services, and consider booking a trip or sharing the opportunity with their personal network.

Learn more about the next steps after form submission.

Empower your teams and delight your customers with efficient workflow management

Leverage automated assignments based on customer data. The right team gets the right details, ready to handle inquiries and bookings with speed and accuracy. Send form notifications directly to the relevant team when a form is submitted, ensuring that the team responsible for a particular category of requests is immediately notified and can take prompt action.

Learn more about automating task assignment.

Make feedback effortless

Every traveler has a story. Let your travelers share thoughts about their journey with our mobile-friendly post-trip feedback forms. Give them a voice to share their thoughts on accommodations, amenities, and the overall experience they had with your travel company. 

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