This training offers personalized and comprehensive coverage of Zoho Sign's basic and advanced features. It is designed to help you, the admin, gain a clearer picture of Zoho Sign's functionalities and learn how a digital signature application can help your business.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for admins who are responsible for setting up and managing the Zoho Sign account.

Day one - 4 Hours

Module 1

User management

  • Signing up with Zoho Sign
  • Configuring multi-factor authentication
  • Adding new users
  • Integrating with Google Workspace and Office 365
  • Assigning roles
  • Importing contacts
Module 2

Account setup and customization

  • Setting up user profiles
  • Adding your signature and stamp
  • Entering your organization details
  • Adding your company logo
  • Customizing the email templates
  • Verifying your email domain (DKIM)
  • Customizing your legal disclosure message
Module 3

Document signing

  • Signing documents yourself
  • Sending document for signature
  • Entering your organization details
  • Collecting in-person signatures
Module 4

Document management

  • Signing documents yourself
  • Sending document for signature
  • Entering your organization details
  • Collecting in-person signatures
Module 6

Advanced Zoho Sign features

  • Setting up reusable templates
  • Creating self-service, form-based documents for signature via SignForms
  • Sending and signing documents in bulk

Day two - 4 Hours

Module 6

Account settings

  • Modifying the sending options
  • Customizing the recipient experience
  • Adjusting notification settings
  • Configuring cloud backup
  • Enabling blockchain-based timestamping
  • Enabling document timestamping
Module 7

Audits and reports

  • Viewing detailed audit trails
  • Generating, viewing, and exporting comprehensive reports
Module 8

APIs and webhooks

  • Discovering the basics of Zoho Sign's API and SDKs
  • Learning about webhooks and how to use them
Module 9


  • Integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho apps (any 3)
  • Integrating Zoho Sign with popular third-party applications (any 3)
Module 10

Digital signature and identity providers

  • Reviewing digital signature and identity providers based on geography
    • Aadhaar eSign for India
    • Singpass for Singapore
    • Qualified electronic signatures for the European Union


The Zoho Sign Training Course for Developers is a one-day online program that helps developers implement digital signature and workflow automation with Zoho Sign APIs and SDKs.

Who is it for?

This training course is suitable for people with basic and mid-level programming knowledge about HTTP requests and responses, JavaScript, HTML, and web and mobile application development.

Day One

Module 1: Getting started with Zoho Sign API
  • API overview, terms, processes, and use cases
  • Introduction to OAuth
  • Identifying API objects
Module 2: Document signature request
  • Walkthrough of Zoho Sign: Postman collections
  • Building and customizing signature requests
  • Bulk send (tentative)
Module 3: API integrations
  • Triggering actions and workflows
    • Send for Signatures
    • Send for Signatures with templates
    • Embedded requesting and signing
  • Checking document status in real-time with webhooks
Module 4: Managing API setup
  • Subscription and Zoho Sign credits
  • Moving API Integration from test environment to production
Module 5: SDK's
  • Web application: PHP SDK
  • Mobile applications
    • Android SDK
    • iOS SDK

Through online training, we aim to offer a completely personalized One-on-One training package tailored exclusively to meet the trainees' business requirements.

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