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Benefits of transactional emails

Our previous blogs gave us an overview of what transactional emails are but why should you send them? This blog tells you how transactional emails can benefit your business and also how to pick the right service to send your transactional email service.

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What are the types of transactional emails?

Transactional emails can be of many types depending on the type of business or application it is sent from. In this blog, we've covered the different types of transactional emails and classified them into broad groups. 

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New Feature

Email Notification for Credits

Don't worry about missing your credit purchase deadlines anymore. The default email notifications will serve as your personal Watson and inform you, in advance, about your credit expiry. The custom notification settings enables you to schedule reminders based on preferences.  

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What are transactional emails?

With so many types of emails in the business world, it's easy to wonder what transactional emails are. This blog gives you all the answers you need about what they are and how they are different from marketing emails. 

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DNS Provider Specific Information Enabled

With a click of a button choose your domain specific DNS provider and populate domain verification records. This enhancement helps you save time spent on referring DNS help guides and raising support tickets related to domain verification.

Simply select your DNS provider and copy-paste the DNS values for your domains populated by TransMail - it's that simple! 

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SMTP tracking enabled

From now onwards you can track opens and clicks for emails sent via SMTP also. Enable SMTP tracking using the toggle switch in your Mail Agent and start viewing your email stats within TransMail's UI.

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Why trust us with your emails?

Wondering why you should pick TransMail as your transactional email service? This blog gives you an overview of TransMail's feature and all the things it has to offer you.

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Supported SMTP apps using From Address as username

TransMail supports SMTP applications & email clients that automatically fetches the From Address as the SMTP username value. Now you can connect TransMail to any SMTP application. 

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Coding made simpler

We have added sample SMTP & API code scripts in your Mail Agent's Setup Details tab.

SMTP code scripts - Java, Python, Node.js, PHP (PhpMailer, PearMailer, & SwiftMailer). 

API code scripts - Curl, C#, Python, Node.js, PHP, & Java.

Use the sample code  as a ready reference to quickly connect your application to TransMail. 

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Start sending right away

We have enabled User Interface Onboarding tour. Quickly get acquainted with TransMail interface and start sending your transactional emails in a jiffy.

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The Launch!

TransMail stepped out of beta and was released to all users. TransMail is crafted to overcome the challenges of sending transactional emails from your website or application. With SMTP and Email API setup options, getting started is hassle-free. 

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WordPress integration in TransMail

Connect your WordPress website with TransMail to send website transactional emails like notification emails, registration emails, verification emails for website signups, password-reset emails, order cancellations, etc.,  

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59 Display Languages

TransMail supports 59 display languages! Visit the Settings help page to know the list of 59 languages and learn how to change the Display Language Setting for your account. 

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Domain Management made easy

Previously domains has to be added & managed within a Mail Agent. The new Domains tab makes it easier & simpler. In this new tab you can view all your domains, their verification status, complete the domain verification process, & configure the bounce address for domains hassle-free!

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