​Email Templates

ZeptoMail is a transactional email service. Depending on your type of business, some transactional emails are more common and frequently used than others. For example, OTP emails, password reset emails etc. You can create and use the transactional email templates in ZeptoMail to avoid writing the same email repeatedly. It can also be used to standardize the emails you send to your users. 

Creating Templates for transactional emails

  1. Login to ZeptoMail
  2. Navigate to the Mail Agent where you would like to create the template. You can click on the relevant Mail Agent on the left pane to do so.
  3. Once inside the Mail Agent, click on the Templates tab.
  4. Click on Add new template in the right corner to start creating a new template. Add New template pop-up appears.
  5. You can choose one of the sample templates available or use the blank template to create the template from scratch. Once you select, Add Template pop-up appears. 
  6. Enter the Template Name and Subject
  7. You can edit the sample template or create your new template using the Text editor or the HTML editor. While creating a new template or even while editing them, you can add or edit the appropriate placeholders by clicking the merge tag icon from the toolbar. 
  8. You can also attach files to the template by clicking on the Attach icon in the editor tools.
  9. The template has now been added to your Mail Agent in ZeptoMail. All the templates you create will be listed in the Templates tab along with the SubjectTemplate keyLast modified date, and size of the template. 

Search a Template :

  1. You can search the desired template from the list by selecting the search criteria drop-down menu. 

  2. Choose the criteria based on which you wish to search the template, i.e., whether based on 'Template name' or 'Template key'.

  3. Fill in the corresponding value. Press enter to view the desired Template.

Edit Templates

Hover on the template you wish to edit and click on the Edit icon on the right side. The Edit Template pop-up will open where you can make the necessary changes to the template. Once done, click Save

Send Test Email

You can also send a Test Email to see how the email will look to your users. Open the template you want to test by clicking on it from the template listing. Click on Send Test Email. Enter the following details: 

  • From address 
  • Return path/ Bounce address
  • To address
  • Email subject 

While sending a test email, you will need to assign the corresponding values to the merge tags/placeholders used in the template. You can use the Edit Variables option on the right side to do this. Click on Edit variables and enter the values next to the relevant merge tags. Then click Change. Once all the details are in place, click Send. The test email will be sent to the email address entered in the To field. 

Delete Templates

Hover on the template you wish to delete and click on the Delete icon on the right side. A confirm pop-up will appear. Click OK. 

Using Templates

Send emails using the templates with the help of the unique Template Key. You can use one of the following APIs to send emails using the templates you have created in your ZeptoMail account:

Single Email API

This API is used to send the same email content to multiple recipients. For example, the email that is sent when a user registers for your webinar. Though the email is sent to multiple recipients, it will contain the same webinar link. In the case of Single Email API, each recipient can see the other recipients in the email. View the detailed instructions for the API here.

Batch Email API

This API is used to send batch emails using templates. Though the email is sent to multiple recipients, each email will contain information specific to the recipient. Also in contrast to Single Email API, recipients will not be able to view the other recipients of the email. For example, emails that contain contact information or company details of each user. View the detailed instructions for the API here.