Introducing a new look to ZeptoMail!

Team ZeptoMail wishes everyone a happy new year and we hope you had a wonderful holiday! Getting back to work after festivities can always be difficult. We wanted to extend the celebrations for a little longer with some exciting ZeptoMail news.

A new year is a perfect occasion to try new things, build new habits, and leave old ones behind. It is the perfect time to start fresh. We at ZeptoMail wanted to start fresh too—with an all-new look!

As promised in our previous blog post celebrating two years of ZeptoMail, we are introducing a cleaner, fresher look to ZeptoMail.

Over the past two years, ZeptoMail has evolved with many new features being added and existing features being constantly enhanced. In order to adapt to the changes and grow to meet the increasing expectation of our users, we have brought a new interface to ZeptoMail without affecting the existing user experience too much.

So, what's new?

Cleaner, fresher interface

ZeptoMail now has a new overall look. You can enjoy a more refreshing interface without too many changes getting in the way of how you've been using ZeptoMail.


The new interface comes with a new dashboard design that helps you navigate your ZeptoMail account easily from one place. A quick glance will give you an overview of everything that needs your attention.


Adding, verifying, and managing multiple domains can be tiring. With the new domains page, we've tried to make it a tad bit easier. It has been intuitively enhanced for users who manage quite a few domains at once.


In the short time since our launch, we have added a few new settings in ZeptoMail. To adapt to the changes and to accommodate for future developments, we have redesigned the Settings page.


With the introduction of the Integration section in the new interface, you can view all our integrations in one place. You can take a look at the help documentation and also try out integrations from this section.

New features to look for

Other than the changes to the interface itself, we are also introducing a few new feature updates in the new UI.

Bounce categories

You can now view all your bounces categorized into groups based on the reason for the bounce. The bounce categories can be viewed from the dashboard's Email Count section and also from the Reports page. Learn more

Automatic suppression beta

In addition to you manually adding emails to the suppression lists, ZeptoMail automatically adds email addresses to the suppression list for reasons like spam, feedback loop complaints, mailbox not found, etc. Learn more integration is a no-code platform to build digital products. With our recent integration, you can send transactional emails of your applications in using ZeptoMail. Try it out

Give the new interface a try and let us know what you like about it in the comments. You can even drop suggestions to make it better.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of our new interface and feature releases. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and join our community forum for regular updates!


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