Suppression Lists

The suppression list contains those addresses for which you no longer wish to send any emails and those that you do not wish to track anymore. In ZeptoMail, you can manually add those addresses which you want to suppress. A total of 50 addresses can be added to the list in one go.

Steps to Add Suppression List

  1. Login to ZeptoMail.
  2. Click on the Suppression list from the left pane. Click the add email button on the right-hand side.

  3. The add email address popup appears. 
  4. Select the type of suppression: 
    • Email suppression: This type includes those email addresses for which the emails need not be sent.
    • Tracking suppression: This type includes the email addresses that need not be tracked.
  5. Choose the appropriate type according to your preference.
  • Email Suppression

  1. Enter the email address(es) you wish to add and the reason for blocking.
  2. When your mailing list has multiple recipients, you can select either one of the following options based on your necessity :
    • Suppress: If this option is selected, the email addresses which have been added to the suppression list alone will not receive the emails.
    • Reject: If this option is chosen, emails will not be delivered to all the recipients present along with the addresses which have been added.
  3. Enter the email ids and choose whether you want to suppress or reject that particular id.
  4. Click Add.


  • Examples of suppress and reject options while using multiple recipients :
    • Suppress: Say a company has four recipients namely,, and If is suppressed, emails will not be sent to that particular email address alone.
    • Reject: In the above case, If is rejected, emails will not be sent to all four addresses in the list.
  • ​Tracking Suppression:

  1. Enter the email address(es) that you do not wish to track anymore.
  2. Enter the reason for suppression
  3. Click Add.


  • Only the user with Postmaster access can add to the suppression list.