13 Replies to “Introducing Email Templates in ZeptoMail!”

  1. This is good. Finally. We will now consider discontinuing Sendgrid in favor of ZeptoMail.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Mykola. We’d love to help with the transition in any way possible.

  2. Love the update, but one thing that is preventing our migration to ZeptoMail is that I haven’t found a way to use the API to retrieve the full HTML content of the email that was sent. In an ideal world I’d send an email using the template API and then be able to retrieve that content after it is sent so that I can automatically add notes to CRM, do some temporary or long term logging, etc.

    1. Hi Anthony. Glad you like our update.
      As for the features you’re looking for, we are working on it. As you’ve mentioned, once email sent using ZeptoMail, users will be able to retrieve the content and see the email in CRM. We’ll keep you in the loop on the progress.

    1. Our pocket-friendly pricing is just the start. We hope you give ZeptoMail a try for your business and explore all our other features, Gaurav. 🙂

      1. Yes i did enjoy the feature , i have been struggling to integrate dynamic transactional email service forever using sendgrid , mailgun , etc. Finally succeeded with Zoho

        Although i think there is one thing missing that can really help alot of users.
        Your subjects in email templates are static, if i can keep the subject content dynamic too it will be great.

        1. If by subject, you mean the subject that goes with the template, it is currently dynamic, Lokesh. While creating your new template, you can enter the subject. You can even include placeholders/merge tags in the subject so you can make them specific to each recipient. Hope this helps.

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