IP Restrictions

You can use the IP Restrictions option in ZeptoMail to restrict IPs that will be used for sending emails from your ZeptoMail account. This provides an additional security layer in case your send mail token is inadvertently compromised and prevents unauthorized parties from sending email through your account.

  1. Login to ZeptoMail
  2. Navigate to Settings > IP Restrictions from the left pane.
  3. Click on the Add IP(s) button. The Add allowed IPs pop up will appear.
  4. Enter the allowed IP details:
    • Add IP Address - You can add a single IP address to the allowed list.
    • Add IP Range - You can add a range of IP addresses to the allowed list.
  5. Enter a name for this IP restriction. This name is for you future reference only.
  6. In order to ensure protection, enter the password of your ZeptoMail account to add the IP restriction.
  7. Click Add.

The IPs you have entered will be added to the allowed list. You can only send emails from the IPs listed in this section. 

IP restriction within Mail Agents

Alternatively, you can add the restricted IPs for a particular Mail Agent in the Mail Agent setting option. Follow the steps in this guide to add to the list.


The configured IP restrictions will only apply to email sending via API or SMTP and not to the access of your account through zeptomail.zoho.com.