ZeptoMail Subscriptions


The Subscriptions section in ZeptoMail gives you all the information related to the credits purchased. In this section, the total number of credits, number of emails left, number of credits expiring along with the earliest expiry date will be displayed in the top bar. Subscription has two sections—Subscription details and Transaction details. You even have the facility to purchase extra credits and even auto top-up once your account has been verified.

Credit System

In ZeptoMail you can purchase credits based on your email sending volumes. List of things to know about before purchasing credits:

  • A single ZeptoMail credit allows you to send 10,000 emails.
  • Every credit is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


ZeptoMail counts the email to each recipient in your email header as a separate email. That means, if your email has 1 recipient in 'to' field, 1 recipient in 'cc' field, and 1 recipient in 'bcc' field; then the total count of emails sent is 3.  

To purchase credits

  1. Go to Your Account >> Subscription.
  2. Click on Buy extra credits.
  3. In the next screen, choose the number of credits, fill in your payment details, and complete your purchase.

For non-reviewed accounts :

If your account has not been reviewed yet, the Buy extra credits button will be disabled for you. You will be able to find the total emails available for your account along with the emails left and the daily limit in the top bar.

Subscription Details

This section presents the information about the credits purchased and their details in a tabular format. You can sort the details in ascending or descending order by simply clicking the up arrow or down arrow respectively.

The table in this section has 4 columns: 

Credits purchased : This column shows the total number of credits purchased. 

Credits Remaining: This gives the balance credits available to the total credits purchased in a single transaction.

Purchase Date: The date and time on which the credits were purchased.

Expiration Date: The date and time on which your balance available credits will expire. All credits purchased will be valid only for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Transaction Details

The transaction tab provides a complete overview of the credits transacted: Purchased, Used, and Expired.


The transaction details tab has 3 columns:

Transaction type: It can be Purchased, Used, or Expired.

  • Purchased indicates the number of credits added to your account
  • Used denotes the total number of credits consumed from your available credits
  • Expired indicates the number of credits that were not consumed before their expiry date

Number of credits: This shows the value for each transaction type.

Transaction Date: the specific date of the transaction. Eg., in the above image, for the transaction type, 'Used', the user has consumed 10 credits on Tue,Oct 26 2021

You can filter the details to view a particular type of transaction by selecting it in the Filter by section. Eg., if you wish to view only the purchased details, select the purchased button in the Filter by tab and all the transactions related to it will be displayed.

Auto top-up

Auto top-up allows you to automatically purchase credits to your account without having to manually buy them every time. In order to Auto top-up your account, you should have :

  • Reviewed your account.
  • Purchased credits at least once.

Steps to enable Auto top-up :

  1. Login to your ZeptoMail account.
  2. Select Subscription from the left pane. Select Auto top-up from the top bar. The Auto top-up option pop-up appears.
  3. Select the Enable top-up option checkbox. Choose the following criteria :
    • Minimum credits to be retained - Select the minimum number of credits you wish to maintain in your account. Once this number is reached, credits will be automatically added.
    • Number of days before expiry of last credit(s) - Your credits will be auto topped-up on the mentioned number of days before the credit expiry. For example, if you have entered the number of days as 1, then the auto top-up will occur one day before your credits expire.
    • Number of credits to be purchased - Select the number of credits you wish to automatically credit to your account. You can auto top-up a maximum of 2 credits only.

  4. Once you have entered the desired parameters, click save. 

Points to remember:

  1. If your payment method is a credit card, the amount will be automatically debited. For any other methods of payment, you will be intimated regarding the payment through email.
  2. Failure to pay the amount will result in the disruption of emails being sent, 15 days from the credit addition.
  3. If the payment for the previous Auto top-up is pending, the next top-up will be blocked. 
  4. You can Auto top-up a maximum of 2 credits only. If you wish to increase the number of credits to be added, kindly contact support@zeptomail.com.