9 Replies to Choosing TransMail for your transactional emails

    1. Hi Karthick. TransMail is exclusively to send transactional emails only. In order to ensure great deliverability, we do not allow marketing emails from TransMail.

    1. Hi Temi, Thank you so much for signing up to TransMail. To ensure great deliverability and the authenticity of our platform, we thoroughly review all new accounts to see if we are compatible with your purpose. We're working on reviewing your account as fast as possible. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. :) In the meanwhile, you can explore our service using the trial emails.

  1. Hi.. Good Morning.. How to use TransMail.. Whats different Zoho mail & Transmail... Am already use zoho mail... kindly clear the my doubt..

    1. Hi Murugesh. Thank you for your interest in TransMail. TransMail is specifically and exclusively for sending transactional emails from your website or application to your users. For example, password reset emails, order confirmation emails etc. Zoho Mail on the other hand is used to send business emails by employees of an organization. Hope this helps clarify the distinction.

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